ActivePython bundles a pre-compiled Python distribution, with all the required components, packages and binaries, ready to deploy on any workstation, regardless of the operating system it hosts.
The installation pack is distributed with Python Package Manager and Python for Windows Extensions (PyWin32, used for Windows API and COM integration), accompanied by extensive documentation to give you instructions on usage.
The community edition is intended for integration in open source projects, but you can upgrade the license to allow usage in non-production environments.
ActivePython provides setup packages that correspond to various versions of the Python programming language. Aside from the Python core, it includes data compression libraries (zlib and bzip2), database libraries (for Berkeley and SQLite), XML processing and low-level access components, all designed to extend its functionality.
ActivePython is a dynamic programming language that allows programmers to develop Python-based applications. Thanks to the integrated Tk GUI toolkit and the PyWin32 extension, it allows GUI programming.
Python Package Manager is a console-based management utility that can be used for downloading, searching or updating modules from online or local repositories.
Those who worked with Python before should have no problem using ActivePython, while beginner programmers have the rich documentation at their disposal to learn everything there is to know about it.
ActivePython aims to help Python programmers enhance productivity and save valuable time. It comprises the core of the Python scripting language, while providing access to popular packages required in the development process.









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ActivePython is a dynamic programming language for Windows.
It has extended the original Python standard library with a rich collection of modules for data storage, retrieval and manipulation, math, file processing and GUI programming.
ActivePython is available in three packages, named Standard, Express and Community.
Standard is meant for beginners, the Express version, aimed at professional programmers, includes a graphical interface for package management and the Community edition is aimed at open source projects.
A dynamic programming language that allows programmers to create reusable, cross platform Python applications. Python Package Manager is a console-based management utility that can be used for downloading, searching or updating modules from online or local repositories.
The community edition of Python Package Manager contains the core of the Python standard library and many packages aimed at creating web applications.
It provides data compression libraries (zlib and bzip2), database libraries (for Berkeley and SQLite), XML processing and low-level access components, all designed to enhance its functionality.
Python Package Manager Description:

Do you still have to wait for the next release of a webpage just to view it on your desktop?
Is your Java 1.4 installed and working fine but you are not getting any of the features it contains?
Python is the answer, offering a different approach to the way webpages are created and delivered on the Internet.
Python is a dynamic, object oriented, language for use on the World Wide Web. Python offers a clean, concise syntax that can be used to create powerful application programs which can be downloaded and run easily. You can also extend Python to gain more power and functionality.
Python, part of a larger suite of tools collectively called Python for Windows, is designed to provide you with the functionality you require, regardless of your needs. Python lets you gain access to over 30,000 programs, functions and modules online, and allows you to create and manage your own software.
Python for Windows Description:

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Cracked ActivePython With Keygen is an integrated development environment (IDE) for Python. It comes complete with a Text Editor and an Object Viewer, so you can start immediately writing Python programs. It also includes Python Package Manager, which makes it easy to distribute and maintain Python programs.

Some of the tools are optional, such as ActivePython’s GUI Builder and Designer. ActivePython can be run and installed on any Windows machine, regardless of the operating system and programming environment version it was developed for.

Unlike many other IDEs for Python, ActivePython includes essential functionality to help the programmer get started. Besides an object viewer and a built-in editor, it includes the Python package manager, so you can distribute and install your program’s components easily.

Activating the Python Environment

You can activate the Python environment from the control panel by opening the Programs and Features window and selecting the latest version of Python.
The environment’s executable files are located at:
C:\Program Files\Python\Python36\Scripts
C:\Program Files\Python\Python36\Scripts\activate.bat
C:\Program Files\Python\Python36\Scripts\deactivate.bat

You can use these keys to start the Python interpreter:

To access the Python shell, use the command:

To access the Scripts window, type:

To access the Basic Interpreter window, type:
%path%\Interactive Python Shell

To access the Editor window, type:

To access the AutoComplete window, type:

To access the ToolPal window, type:

To access the Package Manager window, type:
%path%\Package Manager

To access the Object Viewer window, type:
%path%\Object Viewer

The basic interpreter works in a two-pass process:

The first pass creates the first-level namespace, imports the modules of the extension directory and loads the Python modules.

The second pass creates the second-level namespace and then executes the module.

Python and SQLite

Python comes bundled with the SQLite library for storing structured data in a database. It has several advantages, including its small size

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ActivePython is a distribution designed to run on all modern versions of Windows.
Both workstation and server versions of ActivePython are available for download. The 1.5.5 release is currently free (licensed to non-commercial use).
ActivePython is available from The full download is about 400MB.
There are no trial versions of ActivePython available.
If you choose to use the distribution, please license it accordingly.
What’s Included with ActivePython?
ActivePython includes Python for Windows and Python Package Manager.
ActivePython replaces Easy_Install (an install package system used with Python 2.2 and earlier) and Setuptools (used with Python 2.2 and earlier).
Python Package Manager provides an improved alternative to the previous tool, Easy_Install.
Add to that Tk, a GUI toolkit for Python, which is a widely used native toolkit.
Other packages such as PythonWin, django and peewee also provide the functionality required for many Python applications.
How to use ActivePython?
At first, you need to download ActivePython. If you opt for the standard license, it will be pre-compiled.
This software is available for download from the website.
You can install it directly on the workstation you plan to use.
However, if you plan to use ActivePython with your Linux or MacOS-based computers, or with a server on which you will host your apps and code, you should download the distribution of your choice and go to the next step.
Installing ActivePython from the distribution is the recommended way.
The download is around 400MB and can be found on the downloads page of the distribution or from the ActivePython website.
Once you have ActivePython installed on your workstation, you can install any of the modules you are going to use in the application you are developing.
The standard license allows you to use ActivePython for a range of non-commercial purposes.
If you intend to develop a commercial application, however, you should purchase a commercial license from ActiveState.
Technical Details:
ActivePython Version 1.5.5
Operating System:
Python 2.7 1.6 10.4 or later (32-bit or 64-bit)
Python 2.6 1.3 6.2 and later
Python 3.1 1.2 8.3.0 or later
Python 3.2 1.

What’s New in the ActivePython?

A Python distribution made by ActiveState to simplify installing Python in Windows. Its primary goal is to provide an easy way to install Python without having to deal with Python’s numerous dependencies. So with ActivePython, you can get Python and its required components up and running in no time.
ActivePython installed with both binary and source tarballs. ActivePython 4.5.3 binary tarballs contains just the python.exe, pywin32.dll, and pythonw.exe files and no other required components. ActivePython 4.5.3 source tarballs contains python.exe, pywin32.dll, pythonw.exe,, and the pythonw.pyc files.
This is the same python.exe binary distributed with ActiveState’s AMYGISSTORE. It should work fine with the Windows version of AMYGISSTORE. It also works with the new EBS and AMYGISSTORE (and related python executables) which work on both Windows and Linux.
For Linux users who wish to run the script, we have made available a pythonw32.pyc file.

ActivePython is a very extensive and well documented Python distribution. You are not going to have any problems with it.
The installation is very straightforward. It will install all the required components, including a GUI interface (the GUI isn’t included with the source tarball, but it can be installed with no problem afterwards) and you can run the Python IDLE editor or browse the interactive prompt (Python REPL).
Before running the Python distribution, you need to decide if you want to use the source code or the binary distribution. As mentioned before, the binary distribution contains just the python.exe, pywin32.dll, and pythonw.exe files and no other required components, but the source archive contains the source code for python.exe, pywin32.dll, and pythonw.exe.
The main features of ActivePython are:

Batteries included: Standard, Standard and Enterprise editions are available for Python 2 and Python 3.

Statically compiled binaries, supporting both 32 and 64 bit architectures.

Statically compiled PDB files that give debugging information for debugging problems.

The text documentation bundled with the distribution.

The interactive Python development environment IDLE.

Several Python development tools, including Subversion (SVN).

A Python Extension Manager (

System Requirements For ActivePython:

Processor: AMD FX-8150/AMD FX-8320E/AMD FX-8370E/Intel Core i3-4130/Intel Core i5-3470/Intel Core i7-3770/Intel Core i7-3930K/AMD Ryzen 5 1400
Memory: 6 GB RAM
Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 650/AMD Radeon HD 7850/NVIDIA GeForce GTX 960/NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050
Hard Disk: 20 GB available space
Processor: AMD FX-8350/AMD FX