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[An installation CD-ROM or DVD-ROM is required to install Adobe Acrobat 8 or Acrobat 3D. Adobe Acrobat 8.1.8 or Acrobat 3D 8.1.7 is available as a free.

In 2007 the company introduced a video editing program, Adobe Creative Suite 3 (CS3), and a true Linux version of Acrobat. In 2008, Adobe released Adobe Reader 9 as a standalone product and Adobe Acrobat Standard 9.2.
PDFMaker (Mac OS X), and Adobe Reader X.
A new version of Acrobat, Acrobat 9.1, was released in 2011.
Another new version of Acrobat was released in 2016, Acrobat X Pro.

In January 2015, Adobe released the new version of Acrobat, called Acrobat X 3D, which includes the Adobe 3D Engine, a next-generation 3D document technology for Windows and Mac. With it, users can see side-by-side 3D effects in PDF documents that can be created with Acrobat X or Acrobat XI for Windows and Mac.

Adobe Acrobat 3D allows the design of three-dimensional models of anything. It supports multiple file formats, including ADOBE PDF, 3DS, PICT, DAE, OBJ, MAX and STL (file format for 3D models).

Acrobat 3D for Windows is released in two versions: the free Acrobat 3D Reader and Acrobat 3D Pro. The Express version limits the rendering quality to lower graphics while the Pro version provides a higher rendering quality. Acrobat 3D also includes a PDF SDK for document development and the creation of “Make” plugins for Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop.

User interface and customization
Since the release of Acrobat 8, the default user interface has been changed from a two-column layout to a three-column layout in which the middle column contains form fields. (According to the usability group, the three-column layout is preferred.) Like Acrobat 4 and before, Acrobat 8 can be used in a single-page mode, in which the user interface occupies the whole page.

In version 9, Acrobat now supports the Web services, so it is possible to create forms with dynamic content. Dynamic content means that the content is updated depending on the choice of the user.


Checking for updates to Adobe Acrobat 9.
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Technical Support for Adobe Acrobat 9.1: The latest version of Acrobat Pro DC allows you to copy and paste special text or fonts from Acrobat to other applications such as Microsoft Word or PowerPoint. The text or fonts are integrated into the form and/or content, but the PDF could still be printed or exported in a PDF. When you open the PDF, the information can be copied to a word processor.
Download the free Acrobat Reader for viewing and correcting errors in your PDF documents.
Sometimes, you might try a different PDF reader that might be able to open this particular PDF that is not opening for you. Find a different PDF reader such as Sumatra PDF or Foxit Reader

the text in the field is selected.
Oct 30, 2015
PDF Maker is a very useful free tool to create PDF Documents. Besides creating PDF document, PDF Maker can also edit them as well.
It is a freeware tool available for download on their official website.
It can be used to create PDF document from word documents, excel worksheets.
How to use PDF Maker.
In the main window, choose your output format.
Check the box of Create PDF Version.
Choose the document source. You can get the document from clipboard, URLs, or the browse button.
Press the Print button or use other methods as desired.
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Oct 30, 2015

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