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Armando Venero. MATEMATICA BÁSICA 1. PREPARACIÓN.. todos los conceptos básicos para su uso. This free edition of Armando Venero.April 07, 2011

1943 – USS Wachapreague (AP-145) Leads Small Group of TORPEDO Boats in Raid on Japanese Port.

The Commander, Small Craft Training Group 2, entered mass convoy information from his headquarters into the standard communicator on the U.S.S. Wachapreague, CIG Ident: CSL-01.

USS Wachapreague (AP-145) in a group of three other vessels, entered Japanese waters about 1630 hours, April 7, 1943, in the Pearl Harbor area to attack shipping in the Swiftsure Bay area. The Wachapreague was the lead ship in the group. The lead navigator, with an assistant, called the opening of the attack course the best of the morning, and they had control of the attack for the first ten minutes. A submarine attack aircraft and later another aircraft were directed to the area. After they completed the attack and the attacking aircraft and planes had moved off on their assignments, the commander rang down to General Quarters Condition 1.

The main fireroom, main engine room, and after engine room were flooded; the aft torpedo room was flooded, and the control room was flooded about 10 minutes after the attack was launched. After 10 minutes in General Quarters Condition 1, the main engine room was flooded and was not changed to a main engine room flooded condition.


The available manhole cover was repaired by letting hot water down through the air pressure bulkhead in the water well area. The air pressure bulkhead was not repaired. After the forward GQ condition was reduced, the main engine room was changed to a flooded condition, but the boilers in the after GQ condition continued to operate as there were still loads of steam in the boiler.

Orders were issued to the crew to be treated for minor burns and disfigurement. Both boilers were to be flushed out with water to remove steam, and the fuel water was to be pumped out of the forward and aft fuel tanks. The Wachapreague arrived at Pearl Harbor on the 11th of the month.Dealing with anxiety when leaving