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The present invention relates to a support device for measuring the tension of one or more stringed instruments and more particularly, to a tension monitoring support device that will maintain the string of a guitar substantially taut and the body of the guitar substantially vertical during the playing of the guitar.
A guitar is a stringed instrument including a neck that supports at least one string (e.g., a stringed instrument wherein the strings are all the same would include a neck having a single string extending therefrom).
When a string of a guitar is struck (i.e., “played”), the string vibrates and causes a force to be generated by the string that is transmitted to the neck of the guitar. This force is referred to as “tension” or “string tension”. The greater the string tension, the greater the vibration of the string that is generated. Accordingly, the greater the string tension, the harder the string will be to play.
In addition, when a string of a guitar is struck, the string moves from its original position to a new position and thereafter returns to its original position. This motion results in a vibrational force that is transmitted to the instrument. This force is referred to as “vibration”. The greater the vibration, the greater the sound that is generated.
In playing the guitar, the stringed instrument must be in a position that allows the strings to vibrate freely and the instrument must not be so tight that the string tension becomes too high to play.
It is also desirable to sustain a particular string tension throughout the playing of the guitar. Typically, the instrument strings are tightened with a set screw and a compression nut. However, these types of systems do not sufficiently tighten the string tension and can allow the string tension to fluctuate. Further, the string tension can vary due to the placement of the tensioning device. As a result of these and other problems, stringed instruments are prone to failure and must be frequently tightened.
The vast majority of the time, the proper string tension can be determined by the user merely by listening to the tones that are being generated. However, this can be difficult and/or impossible during certain musical settings. For example, the instrument may be being played in a space where the user cannot easily hear the tones. Further, the user may be playing the guitar in a church, a casino, or a bowling alley and the user may not wish to disturb the other patrons


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Roughriders head coach Ken Miller announced that Rob Smith would start in goal. The team was expected to announce the ban today.

A Roughrider fan, who was offended by the display, told the Edmonton Sun that the fan used to live in Saskatchewan and that the Roughriders have a fan base there that was upset about being overlooked for a team that won the Grey Cup in the Edmonton market.

According to Miller, the Roughriders did take some action to ensure that the fan was not at the game. Miller declined to say what the action was. He told the Edmonton Sun that they got in contact with the fan and took care of the issue.

Miller said the disciplinary action won’t be made public, but he said that he would not be able to protect the fan’s identity.Christal Finney

Christal Finney is the president, CEO, and founder of the charity A Room For A Child.

Finney attended college at the University of Missouri-St. Louis, where she earned a bachelor’s degree in journalism and communications.

A Room For A Child
In 1998, Finney, who had been working for a small publishing company, formed A Room For A Child. In the first year of operations, the charity had raised $20,000, and by 2002, it had raised $1 million. The charity is based in Missouri, where she lives with her husband, Seth Finney, and their two children. In 2000, the charity received its 501 (c)(3) status from the Internal Revenue Service. Finney announced her second pregnancy in June 2012 and gave birth to her daughter, Averley, in October of that year.

Finney has worked as an executive producer for ESPN and she has guest hosted ESPN’s SportsNation and ESPN’s First Take.