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Autodesk has since added the AutoCAD Architecture, Architectural Design, Mechanical, and Landscape design applications as well. It is also possible to purchase AutoCAD-related products that are not included in the AutoCAD license such as Paper Architect and other AutoCAD add-on products.

While AutoCAD is a commercial app that costs US$1500-$3000 (US$1000-$2000 to students) for an academic version, a personal student license that can be used for one-off drawings is available for about US$300. A non-commercial version of AutoCAD costs US$600. You can get it through the US$10 per month or US$50 per year Autodesk account, which is also a good place to start learning AutoCAD.

AutoCAD is regarded as the most popular and commonly used CAD program, particularly by engineers, architects, and other design professionals. However, since its initial release, there have been ongoing complaints about the program’s cost and ease of use.

Key Features

Exterior views

Block creation

Non-placement constraints

3D modeling

Project planning

2D to 3D


Customer services


UML modeling

Constraint-based design


File management

Interactive 3D views



Multimedia capabilities



AutoCAD features an integrated set of commands and tools that make it easy to create drawings.

Placing, orienting, and moving drawings. The most common commands and tools are displayed on the drawing area’s ribbon.

Features of the ribbon include commands, fields, palettes, tables, and widgets.

AutoCAD does not have an undo feature as of version 2014. However, you can edit the layout of a drawing by using the move command or press the I key on the keyboard to put the selected objects in another location.

AutoCAD Ribbon and Commands

AutoCAD commands

Annotate Edit & View

Block & View Utilities


Bounding Box


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Technical specifications

The software is composed of many components, including a rendering engine, which draws objects (part of AutoCAD), and a utility engine that performs a number of tasks on drawings, such as converting between different file formats, measuring objects, sending data to a database, etc. AutoCAD can also be embedded in other programs, including Microsoft Word and Microsoft Excel, to interact with AutoCAD as if it were an application. The engine also includes a printer driver that can be accessed by any Windows application through the Windows API, a file converter to convert various file formats, and other components. AutoCAD is a powerful and sophisticated application, even though the UI is rather basic.

To support users with learning disabilities, AutoCAD has been specially designed for users with learning disabilities. AutoCAD LT is such a product, as are the extended languages and visual LISP for AutoCAD. There are also educational editions of AutoCAD, including AutoCAD Graphics.

AutoCAD can be used in various ways; however, it is most commonly used for 2D drafting and 2D and 3D drafting.

There are several other applications in the Autodesk family of products. These include:

AutoCAD Architecture (for 2D architectural design),
AutoCAD Electrical (for 2D and 3D electrical design),
AutoCAD Civil 3D (for 3D civil engineering),
AutoCAD Mechanical (for 2D mechanical design),
AutoCAD Plant (for 2D plant design),
AutoCAD Construction (for 2D and 3D building design),
AutoCAD MEP (for mechanical and electrical engineering design),
AutoCAD Electrical Engineers (for 2D and 3D electrical design),
AutoCAD Finite Elements (for 2D and 3D building design and analysis),
AutoCAD Building Designer (for 2D building design and analysis),
AutoCAD User Solutions (for 2D and 3D building design),
AutoCAD Plant 3D (for 3D building design and analysis),
AutoCAD Plant Training (for 3D building design and analysis),
AutoCAD Field Service (for 2D and 3D mechanical design and analysis),
AutoCAD Survey (for 2D and 3D building design and analysis),
AutoCAD Landscape (for 2D and 3D building design and analysis),
AutoCAD Graphics (for 2D and 3D computer aided drafting

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What’s New in the AutoCAD?

Download the latest AutoCAD 2023 Wallpaper

Connect to and manage remote AutoCAD workspaces, via your mobile devices or via your computer’s browser.

Simplify office workflows, by connecting all of your AutoCAD documents to a single instance of AutoCAD so that you can open, view, create, annotate, and save AutoCAD documents from any location.

Connect to and share 3D models with others, so they can share and annotate them in their own workspace.

Improve professional graphics workflows with a cloud-based collaboration platform and 3D modeling and rendering service. (video: 2:28 min.)

Creative Cloud now includes new AutoCAD, Photoshop, and Illustrator content. Save your work with Autodesk 360, and create seamless transitions between your apps.

Add new mapping and data visualization content with the new ArcGIS API for Autodesk.

AutoCAD solutions include new features and enhancements.

Autodesk AutoCAD 2018

About AutoCAD and AutoCAD LT

Autodesk AutoCAD is a leading software for architectural, engineering, and construction (AEC) and enterprise-level 2D and 3D design. With AutoCAD, you can view, create, and edit 2D and 3D drawings and collaborate on projects with other users in a workgroup or on a single team. AutoCAD 2018 also includes a powerful vector graphics modeling toolset that makes it easier to create complex drawings. You can import and export DWG and DXF files from other software packages, and you can use a variety of different formats to share your drawings. Use AutoCAD to import files from other software, and integrate with external programs that you use. You can also use AutoCAD to create and edit rich, multi-media content.

Autodesk AutoCAD LT is a free and easy-to-use version of AutoCAD. With AutoCAD LT, you can view, create, and edit 2D drawing files, such as DWG, DWF, and DGN files. It’s a good starting point for getting familiar with AutoCAD.

Create 2D and 3D drawings for many types of projects, including architectural, engineering, and construction, and create and edit them with your team.

Import and export files in various formats and from other software to make it easier

System Requirements:

OS: Windows 7/8.1/10
Processor: Intel Core i3 1.6 GHz or AMD A10 2.0 GHz
Memory: 2 GB
Video: Nvidia Geforce GTX 970 (256 Core) or ATI AMD R9 290X (8 GB)
Hard Disk Space: 2 GB available space
Processor: Intel Core i5 2.6 GHz or AMD FX-9590 3.8 GHz