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The latest version of AutoCAD Free Download, released in June 2019, is AutoCAD 2019. The latest iteration of the program has received critical acclaim, with praise for its capabilities and stability. With a new level of interactivity, AutoCAD 2019 allows users to model various objects, while the User Interface (UI) has also been improved. The most recent release also provides users with more flexibility when using parametric drawing.

Overview [ edit ]

AutoCAD is a CAD and drafting software application developed and marketed by Autodesk. Its primary function is to aid in the drafting and design of buildings and other three-dimensional objects, but it also provides a variety of functions for the technical design of machinery, equipment, and other utilitarian objects.

AutoCAD was first released in December 1982 as a desktop app running on microcomputers with internal graphics controllers. Before AutoCAD was introduced, most commercial CAD programs ran on mainframe computers or minicomputers, with each CAD operator (user) working at a separate graphics terminal. AutoCAD is also available as mobile and web apps.

History [ edit ]

AutoCAD’s first version, AutoCAD-1982, was developed by an Autodesk team in the late 1970s.

The first application was a set of design utilities that were released as an add-on module for the CADSTEP-1 computer-aided design (CAD) system by Gage CAD Inc. from 1979 to 1980. CADSTEP-1 was a proprietary system of the 1970s that ran on the Atari 400/800 computers. A large number of functions of the first release were later incorporated into AutoCAD-1982.

AutoCAD-1982 was publicly demonstrated at the 1981 I/O ’81 conference in New York City. Following its release, AutoCAD-1982 quickly gained popularity and by 1981 the program was used in the CADSTEP-1 system for designing the Chrysler Imperial automobile.[2]

AutoCAD-1982 was one of the first applications to run on the Apple II.[3] Users accessed the program using the Apple II’s disk drive which contained both the program and the graphics. In 1982, the Apple II was the first commercially successful desktop computer for the personal computer market.

A year later, Autodesk repackaged the software as AutoCAD-1983, which included over one thousand design functions that included 2D drafting, 3D model creation, and visualization

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2D computer graphics

In recent versions, AutoCAD provides the possibility of exporting AutoCAD objects to 3D space. The Direct X interface to AutoCAD allows Autodesk’s 3D software to operate on a CAD drawing (Bounding Volume Hierarchy), instead of the more traditional method of “turning” the 2D drawing into a 3D model. The model, or “geometry” used in 3D software is called a “.DWG” (AutoCAD Drawing). Because the format is a version of the AutoCAD drawing format (.DWG), it can also be imported into AutoCAD. These 3D models can then be manipulated, rotated and viewed from any angle. A command is provided to convert this model to another format. (Suppose, you have imported an Autocad model into 3d)

Product extensions

AutoCAD has built-in extensions, which are available from the menu bar.

3D extensions

These allow CAD models to be created, imported and exported in 3D, e.g. in Google Earth, Microsoft Windows Live Earth and on the Google Earth Enterprise platform.

2D extensions

The AutoCAD 2D extension for Adobe Photoshop allows users to open AutoCAD drawings into Photoshop. It can be used to edit AutoCAD drawings in a graphics editor.

3D extensions for AutoCAD

The 3D extensions for AutoCAD (also known as S3D) allow users to import, open and edit 3D CAD models in AutoCAD. They offer some advantages over other solutions available for 3D CAD design:

3D rendering software is inherently interactive, and thus lends itself to efficient workflows in which the designer, or CAD model is open in AutoCAD while being rendered in 3D by 3D software such as 3ds Max or Maya.
3D CAD models can be loaded into AutoCAD, manipulated and rendered without any changes to the underlying geometry or topology. They can be printed, exported and exported to other CAD platforms (e.g. DXF files).
3D CAD models can be loaded directly into CAD drawings, for example, CADBASE or DRAFT® models can be loaded into drawings in a library, so that the 3D model can be easily accessed from the 2D model.
In contrast, traditional 3D CAD software requires separate 3D CAD models to be created

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Log on to Autodesk website and click on “Autocad 2017”.
Enter your Autodesk user and password.
Click on “Change Account Info” in the navigation menu, then “Account Settings”.
Enter your new Autodesk user name, then click on “Save”.

Restart your browser.

Finally, get the.SCN files.


Click on “File”
Click on “Open”
Browse to the.SCN files
Click on “Open”

Click on “File”
Click on “Save”

File> Save As…> Data Files

Autocad will now display a dialog box with the file path.

File> Save As…> Data Files (Copy)

Open the “Data Files” folder in the “File” menu.

In the “Open” dialog box, select the.SCN files.

Copy the “Data Files” folder to the “Original Files” folder.

The downloaded “Data Files” folder should be copied to the “Original Files” folder in the “File” menu of Autocad.

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What’s New in the?

Get Feedback in Just 1 Minute:

Send your existing CAD models to a new application called Markup Assist, and then attach a paper or PDF drawing containing changes to your model. The application will send back a quick response with changes highlighted and your job is done. (video: 1:54 min.)

Rapid Application Deployment:

Create new applications that can be installed and shared quickly. Switch between application versions simply by launching a new version of the application, then save your work and return to the older version. (video: 2:36 min.)

Photo Merge in Drafts:

Apply the color, saturation, and other adjustments you made in Photoshop to your drawings. (video: 1:18 min.)

Share Your Work with Sharing Apps:

When you share your designs in AutoCAD and the cloud, it’s easier than ever to collaborate with friends and coworkers from anywhere, any time. (video: 1:30 min.)

iOS and Android Apps:

When you access your CAD drawings and designs from your phone or tablet, they’re just as easy to use and share as the desktop versions. (video: 1:15 min.)

Audio Feedback:

Record and import audio directly into your drawings. Accurately capture your voice or audio track for spoken directions, notes, and to speed up your workflow. (video: 1:06 min.)

Slicing and Drilling:

Slicing with the intelligent 3D axes allows you to create complex, sophisticated models without additional effort. (video: 1:07 min.)

Custom Toolbars:

Make your workflows even easier to use. Add your own custom toolbars and personalize the interface with a dark or light theme. (video: 1:31 min.)

AutoCAD Blueprints:

Create 2D floor plans and 3D models for houses, offices, and small industrial facilities. (video: 1:04 min.)

Available for:

AutoCAD 2015

AutoCAD 2017

AutoCAD 2019

AutoCAD 2020



AutoCAD for iOS

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System Requirements:

1. Windows 7 64bit
2. 2GHz Dual Core CPU
3. 4GB RAM
4. 1GB Graphics Card with 128MB VRAM
5. HDMI Output (Pulse Wave)
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