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This page does not contain all the AutoCAD software that has been released since the original release of AutoCAD in 1982. The current AutoCAD version number is listed below. Autodesk has released many free tools to help customers move the design from AutoCAD to the actual manufacturing process, including online collaboration tools and mobile apps. To find out more, see the free products page on Autodesk’s website.

According to reports, 2.38 million students in China are now using AutoCAD. With that in mind, we’ve put together this list of free AutoCAD resources. These resources were chosen based on popularity in the Autodesk community and the developers’ knowledge and experience in the use of AutoCAD.

If you have your own free AutoCAD resources that you’d like to share, please let us know.

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Free AutoCAD Downloads

The most common AutoCAD tasks include drawing, editing, rendering, visualizing, and converting. The following collection of applications are aimed at the most common needs and focus on the three major applications within AutoCAD: AutoCAD itself, AutoCAD LT, and AutoCAD Web Access (AWA). If you find additional free AutoCAD downloads that fit your specific needs, please let us know.


AutoCAD 2017 Mac

For a first look at how to use the 2017 version of AutoCAD, this free online video tutorial by Autodesk, Inc. demonstrates the basic features of the application. With AutoCAD 2017, the software has changed to a brand new user interface. This is a major change that will take time to get used to.

AutoCAD 2017 Macintosh

Free Basics

Free Basics is a collection of free open source software, including AutoCAD, that is designed to help you get started with information technology. To learn more, visit

AutoCAD Mobile Apps


AutoCAD WS (formerly AutoCAD Web Services) is a web-based 3D modeler and CAD design tool that works with

AutoCAD 20.1 Free

AutoCAD, together with AutoCAD LT and AutoCAD WS, was originally developed by an engineering firm, TopoGraphics, that was founded in 1990 by Arnold Morgan and John Chisholm. The original development team, which grew to nearly twenty-five people, included two of the three principal software engineers for AutoCAD, Arnold Morgan and John Chisholm, who also founded TopoGraphics. TopoGraphics acquired Autodesk on October 1, 2005, at a price of US$1.72 billion, making it one of the largest acquisitions of an American software company in history.

Technical specifications

Raster graphics
AutoCAD is a bitmap-based drawing program. Each object in a drawing has an associated bitmap pattern in the drawing file, known as a bitmap, which is composed of a series of pixels in the shape of the object to be drawn. AutoCAD is supported by all major forms of bitmap display devices. AutoCAD 2007 is an ACDSee-based application. For proper operation, the display must be compatible with the data being drawn.

Autodesk Research developed several raster graphics systems for use with AutoCAD. Currently, the TopoSuite and ACDSoPS are the main systems used. The topographic raster system, TopoSuite, is the basis of the software TopoGraphics developed for AutoCAD. Both the TopoSuite and TopoGraphics are publicly available and may be licensed for free use.

Vector graphics
The.DWG format is the file format used for storing vector graphics, including polygons, polylines, splines and curves, in AutoCAD drawings. The format can store path data and objects that can be drawn in a simple fashion. A vector drawing is built up from a series of commands that define the object to be drawn. A polyline (a line composed of connected points) may be defined as a series of commands that define the line as it moves from one point to another. Polygons can be similarly defined as a series of commands to define a series of points on a curved surface. Other types of commands may be used to define additional aspects of a drawing, such as faces, text, hatch patterns and solid fills.

AutoCAD, as a CAD tool, is used for almost any kind of drawing, but is primarily used for 2D drawings of geometric objects. The

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After that open a new Autocad project in Autocad and make the file test.dwg. (I made the file after the short tutorial)

Open the test.dwg in Autocad in a new window.

Next make the part “Arrondissement 4 sur 11” at coordinates (5,12) in that project window.

Next make another window in the same project and make the part “Arrondissement 4 sur 11” at coordinates (11,5) in that window.

Finally double click the name of the part you want to edit and choose “Edit Properties”

In the window that opens you can see the color of the “Arrondissement 4 sur 11” part.

Double click the color and a menu of the colors will open.

Choose the color “0x5ABAF90” and click on “Apply”.

So far so good. Now we want to remove that color and make a color scheme for the “Arrondissement 4 sur 11” part.

In the menu choose “Property Manager”

Next in the right side choose “Shading”

In the menu choose “UCS” and the UCS color will be the color you choose in the previous step.

Leave the “UCS Override” unchecked so the UCS color is the same as the color that was used for the default color.

Next choose “View” and uncheck “Scale” so you can see the real size of the part and not a projected size.

Then choose “Grid” and uncheck “Grid Offset” so you can see the real dimensions.

Next choose “Matte” and uncheck “No Grading” so you can see the real color of the part.

Make sure that the object has a real color, when you save the project make sure you save with a “dwg” extension so you can see the real color of the part.

I hope that helps. If you have a better way to do this please let me know.

Good day, I was wondering if I can have an assistance in this matter. I want to draw an object (in black and white) in CAD, and the reason that I am using CAD is to have a clean and clean drawing. But the problem is that when I put any shading on that object, the shading is getting erased. How

What’s New in the?

Markup assist features, such as AutoCAD’s Intelli-mouse, which lets you make rapid, precise changes to your drawing with a click of your mouse. It’s even possible to change most annotations with one mouse click. (video: 7:41 min.)

More accurate, interoperable information-sharing between AutoCAD and other CAD tools. Easily exchange and import information from Excel, Word and PowerPoint files.

Text, polylines, line-weights, arrows and L-Boxes can be used in the same drawing.

Powerful annotation tools, including the ability to position text and arrows in a measurement grid, layers or viewport. The free, add-on XLine Utility and AutoCAD Lidar add the ability to create accurate, high-resolution, 3D-oriented linetypes.

Spatial functionality:

Display precise distances using both linear and angular measurements. Measure precisely from points, lines and circles. Convert linear measurements to angular and vice versa.

Display accurate angles and angles in degrees, radians, and gradians.

Spatial functionality, including layer and viewport coordinates.

Properties that you can turn on and off, such as closed and open faces, hidden and visible edges, hidden and visible text, and outline and non-outline faces.

Faster rendering.

Enhanced rendering modes, including enhanced lighting and reflections.

Real-time video editing:

Create video edits of your drawings or your drawings parts with ease.

Use a customised family of film and video effects to make your edits quickly and easily.

More precise editing.

Pre-Release Notes:

Drawing-Based Modelling:

If you create and edit models in AutoCAD, you may like to learn about the new Drawing-Based Modelling (DBM) feature.

DBM lets you work on your 2D drawings without the need to create 3D drawings.

Any drawing type, including plans, sections, elevations and sections, can be converted to DBM and then edited in a traditional 3D environment.

Save time and cost by eliminating the need to create 3D drawings in your projects.

DBM also works with DXF and DWG files.

Multi-User Features:

New features

System Requirements For AutoCAD:

Windows 10, 8.1 or 8 (desktop), 7 (desktop), Vista or XP (desktop)
2.2 GHz processor or faster
512MB graphics memory (Microsoft DirectX 9.0c compatible video card)
17 inches or larger display
DVD drive
800 MB free hard drive space
DirectX® 10 or later
2 GHz processor