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*Easy to use
*Based on the latest technology and standards
*Capable of supporting older formats as well
*Music play is based on the latest standard MP3 and AC3 (eAC3)
*Support for a variety of playback technologies including WMA, OGG, AAC, mp4
*Good quality sound
*Easy to install
*Support for up to seven car CD players
*Supports more than 170 different audio formats
*File based multimedia playback
*Supports the various functions of a CD player including:
– Audio, TPCM, TMC, DBC, ACC, M3U
*Support for USB audio & USB video players
*Support for various types of Portable Electronic Devices including 3G, PSP, PMP, Ipod, Mp4, YP-STREAM, HTC, DSL, KOROSUIS, and many more
*Support for various types of car-tailored CD players including:
– Pioneer, Kenwood, Onkyo, Pioneer, Onkyo, Kenwood, Onkyo, Pioneer, K-Onkyo
– Pioneer, Onkyo, Kenwood
– Pioneer, Onkyo, Kenwood, Onkyo, Pioneer, K-Onkyo
*Support for various types of car-tailored USB audio players
*Supports for USB Headphones and USB Speakers
*Support for USB cameras and USB camcorders
*Support for USB printers and USB scanners
*Support for USB GPS navigators
*Support for USB thumb drives
*Support for USB tablets
*Support for USB HDD external hard drive
*Support for hard drive
*Support for CD drive
*Support for VCD, SVCD, DVD, VCD, SVCD, DVD
*Support for MP3, WMA, OGG, AAC, MP4, WMA, OGG, AAC, MP4
*Support for many other types of media files including:
– T-Code (T-Mobile Germany), MLP, Jam, SMV, SMH, and many more
*Support for Various audio file formats including:
– MP3, AAC, AC3 (eAC3), AC3 (eAC3), Apple, ATRAC, ATRAC3, AT

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Support of this format is optional. See here for more info:

An optional cache can also be used, that stores information about your video file to speed up searches. There is a nice walkthrough on Autofi Wiki to get you started:

If you still have more questions, feel free to ask. I might not be able to answer every question, but a lot of things already got answered in the wiki.


MyCar is a CarPC application available for Windows, Mac OS X, and Ubuntu Linux. It is supported by a new company called


I’m working on a solution for this right now. AutoFi is a great player, but it’s built for PCs running XP and you’re talking about a 2000-2003 era operating system. These are ancient days. They don’t have flash, they don’t have auto-play, they don’t have the required plugins, etc…
There isn’t a nice answer for you. You can use MPlayer on your PC and play it through the ‘vnc’ app which can be used over the internet. You’ll probably have to suck it up and watch the video in small chunks at a time. Or use some other “data conversion” utility like ffmpeg ( and just rip it to a DVD and watch it on a DVD player in your car.
Oh, and I just remembered something: If you are using AutoFi 4.6 or earlier, and you select either ‘avi’ or’mp3′ as the input, you WILL have to load up the files onto a storage device like an iPod, or a USB drive. AutoFi doesn’t support streaming live sources. That’s nice, isn’t it? And more importantly, it makes it harder to just plug a device into the AutoFi input and have it play the file…
That’s my best, but I’m sure there are others.


AutoFi [32|64bit] [2022-Latest]

Jukebox – Handy music player you can get in your car with a simple setup. Just connect your USB memory stick and the jukebox will scan for MP3s, OGGs and FLACs and upload them to your car.
Search – Quickly search the PCMDB (and the Internet) to find your songs.
Browse – Browse your entire MP3 library in the car, or view a song info, or artist info on the fly.
Select – Select your favourite songs simply by touching and dragging the file over the jukebox.
Display – AutoFi features a touch screen and a simple pointer to allow you to control the media player with your finger or your mouse.
* Auto Fi Jukebox allows you to copy music to your car via USB stick.
* New interface and bugfixes!
* Designed especially for a touch screen with low resolution (800×480) and a small display.
* AutoFi (Auto Fi) is a media player specially designed to the needs of the automobile industry.
* It is possible to fit your USB stick in the glove box of your car and use a standard USB connection.
* You can select songs in your library by double tap on the screen.
* You can browse the file system of your computer (files, folders, DVD, USB stick) by touching the screen.
* The music window provides information about your songs.
* The interface can be customized with your own pictures, messages etc.
* The interfaces are optimized for the touch screen.
* It is possible to listen to the music while driving.
* Help and support on the forum.


– wxAutoFi is (open source) software providing a front-end for AutoFi (see description above) –

– Your input is wanted. Please consider making a contribution to further improving this software.


– May 29th 2008:
Added some more options, improved the UI, added some more functionality, added a new setup wizard (see below)


– May 14th 2008:
Added some more options, improved the UI, added some more functionality, added a new setup wizard (see below), fixed some more bugs.


– May 14th 2008:
Added some more options, improved the UI, added some more functionality, fixed some more bugs.


– May 14th 2008:

What’s New in the AutoFi?

1) Support CarPCs and tablet computers through the use of the MediaFileSelect function;
2) Output audio via the sound system in the computer;
3) Automatically turns off the display when CarPCs are turned off (and vice-versa);
4) User friendly and easy to use;
5) Comes with a FREE DIGITAL CLOCK synchroniser;
6) Allows music files, picture files, videos and all sorts of media to be played while the car is in motion.
A guide to using AutoFi:
Simply press the PLAY button to start playing;
Press the VIEW button to select a playlist (see our screencasts above). Choose the screencast from there if you want to look around;
Use the MUTE button to mutate the sound. The mute button turns off the sound output from the computer and turns the display on. To mute the sound on the display, use the MUTE button then press the Display button once. Press the Display button again to turn the display off.
Once you’ve started you can navigate using the left and right buttons, or use the touch screen function on tablet computers.
On a tablet you can also use the screen as a digital clock, or you can check out our screencasts.
To select a different folder, press the OPTIONS button. Either press the OPTIONS button once to select the folder to play your music or files from or press it twice to reset the folder to the default CARPC or PC music folder.
– Automatic system time synchronization with any Digital Clock.
– Automatic display turns off and on and mutates according to your needs;
– Multimedia support including picture, music and video files;
– Supports sound output from the soundcard in the computer;
– Mute sound and display function by using the sound and display buttons.
– Clock display on the screen, from 0.50% of screen used;
– Support for any DAT, ZIP or MP3 music files;
– Supports the video files AVI, VOB, MPEG, WMV, MOV and MP3;
– Supports any picture files formats: JPG, BMP, GIF, PCT, PNG, TIF and TGA.
– User friendly and easy to use;
– Once a selection is made for the music files, if the system starts up again, will automatically play the selection.
– Requires no special drivers.
– In order to select a

System Requirements For AutoFi:

For best results, we recommend at least Dual-Core i5 processor with 4 GB RAM, 256 GB Hard Disk space, Windows 10 with latest service pack and Graphics card with at least DirectX 12 API support.
System Requirements:
Program Requirements:

SuperGameBuilder Launcher.exe
User Interface:
Create super game built from the code or files you have in