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This is an expansion of the DoDonPachi Resurrection soundtrack music. It includes 23 tracks from OVA, TV Series & Specials that compose the OST from the game. You can mix and match the channels to make awesome playlists for listening to. The single channel files (mp3) are included in their entirety and the stereo files are mix+mastered for CD quality. Each track is tagged to explain the mood of each scene. Quality is very good as I spent a lot of time getting them right. The file name and tags were written by me. The length of the track (in minutes) is also listed. Save your songs and use them for any purpose!

Special thanks to all the publishers and the wonderful producers who helped bring this into existence.

Piano Version and scores by:
01. The Short Hell It is
02. A Beautiful Spell
03. The Tears of A Shadow
04. The Red Thorn
05. The Evil That March
06. The Tiki Bird
07. The Short Hell It is
08. The Tears of A Shadow
09. This is the Way You Die

This is a tribute to the classic style game DOONPACHI. I’ve been playing since it was released at the age of 12. My fondest memories are of making my first ever level, blasting through all the minor/major boss battles and buying the best cheep version of the game for a measly 3 dollars. Back then I used to spend hours and hours copying the initial bosses, holy crap the hours we must’ve sunk into it. I’ve just been waiting for the chance to be able to make an official tribute to DOONPACHI. So here it is.

Another quick release I threw together in a few hours for my own personal use. I’ve been wanting to play DOONPACHI forever now. Just waiting for the right moment to get past the prequel stages and get to the REAL game, after all, that’s the point of it. I’ve been wanting to put together a full soundtrack to it for ages, but I kept telling myself it’ll have to wait till I get past the stage where I can truly appreciate just how good a soundtrack can sound. So basically I picked up from the last game, loaded it


Features Key:

  • Two maps with different elements – Desert and Air/Space
  • Conquers you from the darkest depths and return your full power back to the game with the newly discovered weapons
  • Drone missions and other challenges – Dynamic new the locations to explore
  • Weakness and power modes
  • Set in the desert and air/space, Deep Space Anomaly has 2 maps, each with unique elements. Ground and Drone missions force you to venture deep in the depths and return your power back to the game.

    Difficulty levels and drone missions count the success rate for you.
    When going for the bigger and stronger weapons you will inevitably facing the DRONE missions – Taking drones carefully to our place of interest is the challenge you should meet.

    To conquer the Heat, Dark, Ice, Crysis and other powers you need to use our new weapons.

    NEW – Your power is the only factor you need to win.

    The game is a PVP multiplayer online PVP survival strategy game. You start the survival mission from a random place in the world with a drone to protect you. The rank of your drone can be upgraded.

    There are no limitations of the number of players and the size of each player’s auto-saving when you are playing the game. The amount of clicks and issues when being a noob will never be forgiven!

    Features: Game Information:

    • Free!
    • All in one game
    • Survival mission – Survive your whole team
    • Free create worlds – Show your creativity with different themes and challenges
    • Going for high rank you could earn rare stuff like golden weapons and drones
    • 16 finest weapons – These weapons are designed to protect you from your enemy
    • 20 challenges – The difficulty will never leave your breath
    • Challenge and survival modes – Anyone can ever play
    • Addictive notifications


    • Desert with caves


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      Fire Team:
      Fire Team is a single player survival horror roguelike game based on the ZX81 game Alien for the ZX Spectrum and BBC Micro. You are the last survivor, on a spaceship desperately running from the horrors of IT (In-Terminus – the alien) and trying to survive long enough to make it to the escape shuttle.
      Replay value is achieved by combining the roguelike elements with several difficulty levels.
      It is up to you to decide whether to escape alone in the shuttle, or to fight side by side with a team of allies to find a better path to escape.
      The first part of Fire Team focuses on stealthy survival gameplay. The most prominent enemies are the Rob-b-s and Peasharks that fly around and eventually detect your presence – if they are unable to, they’ll emit a cry and chase you until they find you. Get used to crouching to avoid detection, and be sure to keep a fairly good distance to your allies – being the only survivor of a party makes life difficult.
      As you collect resources, you can craft a wide variety of items, from simple lock picks to doors and useful items. You can use these items to craft two different types of spells:
      Your basic melee attack that scales with your strength.
      A force field that protects you from an enemy attack and exhausts your shield (if there is one). This can also be used to lure an enemy in and take them out.
      Some bosses and other types of monsters can also carry a shield. If they attack you, they’ll get stunned temporarily. Use this to your advantage!
      Equip your weapons and armor and survive long enough!
      Fire Team features a “Last Survivor” mode, where you start with nothing, no weapons, and should survive long enough to collect the escape shuttle and flee the planet.
      There are three difficulty levels and no NPCs – the best you can do is survive alone.
      The basic idea for this mode was to create a game that is extremely hard and that requires a lot of patience, and then gradually make it easier through adding new items and stat changes.
      Fire Team controls like you would expect a ZX Spectrum game to look and feel. The game is fully playable with the keyboard, but the controller will allow much better use of the WASD keys.
      Please note that pressing CTRL will toggle the primary game view between zoomed out and center view.
      Move: W A S


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      This is really interesting. It seems to be quite different from the usual RPGs out there. As usual, I am just interested in seeing how it will end up, but the free aspect is really interesting as well.

      It’s an interesting game, as far as RPGs go. I’m definitely looking forward to trying it out when it gets further developed, as the initial presentation has been pretty high quality for a free game. I’m always skeptical of games released for free, so the fact that it’s from the dev’s own studio should help alleviate that.

      Suffice to say that I’m interested in how it will turn out. If the developer has the same success as they did with WoW when it launched, I’ll be pleasantly surprised and will be running around kicking ass.

      Though I have yet to play the game myself, you do get a couple of interesting free videos to check out. The videos (and the game itself) are still pretty rough around the edges, but they are indicative of how quickly things will be moving.

      If you’re interested, just go on YouTube and do a search for “Project Prison”. You should be able to find all of the videos. Also, you should be able to download the game here, even though it says you need to create an account to download:

      It’s free but if you wanna really play it make sure you check for psn codes that will make it cheaper. or you can buy the game with real cash. Very nice game overall but it’s not a completely free one.

      I would say this game looks very good and from what I’ve heard about it, its got some real potential. Unfortunately, the lack of words on the English webpage are hindering my understanding of the game. The developer seems to have a very good design sense, but I’m trying to figure out exactly what the gameplay is.

      I believe the game’s mechanics are mostly “simulation” (think, WoW), so there’s a lot of room for player freedom. The prisoners that are taken from the library and placed in the system’s programs are constantly being re-adjusted by the software, but we don’t know how far this will go. For example, if you build a proper program for yourself, will you be forced to participate?

      In fact, the gameplay may be simulation with many different elements such as economics, physical activities,


      What’s new:

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      Your doctor’s referral to the “Hero Patient” scheme or scheme funds when calculating the surgeon, nurse, radiographer and other NHS staff salary scale could add up to a patient saving of up to £1,300,000 annually, totalling over £73,000,000 over the course of the 10 years the scheme is active.

      To make a donation please fill in the Request Form and then watch the e-news for guidance. Also follow us on social media for the lastest on the e-news. Visit our website to know more about how this scheme works.

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<p> </p>
<h2><strong><span style=Download Axiallis Torrent (Activation Code) [Mac/Win]

      Hellgate: London is a steam-punk inspired first person shooter with a dark tongue-in-cheek sense of humor. It is a story of mystery and intrigue set in an alternate-universe version of Victorian London. Upon the death of your wife, Inspector Frederick Abberline, you are summoned to the mysterious East End of London to help solve her murder. On arrival, you are whisked away to the manor of the Fotheringay family; an eccentric clan of vampires who desperately wish to claim your assistance. Things only get stranger when you unearth their secrets, and find yourself caught in their vicious game of life and death.

      Key Features:

      6 Episodes with various themes

      New Gun and Weapon Systems

      Interactive Flashbacks and Recollections

      Cutscene Visuals and Audio

      Teleport System & Strategic View

      Hand Drawn Animation

      Immersive, Stylish and Adventure-Oriented Gameplay

      Challenging Big Boss Fight

      Playable Vampire Characters

      Realistic Borne Vampire Clothes

      Fully Adjusted Controls

      Dynamic, Atmospheric and Unique Environments

      Unlimited Ammo & Health

      20 Different Enemies and Boss Fights

      Skill Tree System

      Multiple Difficulty Levels

      Four Endings

      Turbulence Engine

      A TV-style Drama

      A Fictional C.R.A.S.S.™

      Multiple Languages

      HD Visuals


      Steam Achievements

      The first player to eliminate all the enemies in each episode will be crowned the winner!

      Play as Inspector Frederick Abberline in his quest to solve the death of his wife and to discover the monstrous secrets of the Fotheringay family

      Explore Victorian London and experience a darkly comic story of mystery and intrigue, all set in a unique steampunk world

      Vampire Romance System – the player can choose to marry one of the numerous beautiful vampire characters, unlock their Mysteries of Life & Death or fight them

      Fragmented Memories – the player will face various flashbacks or recollections that could affect their current pathQ:

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      How To Crack Axiallis:

      • How To Crack : Execute The executable zip file of game Fate/EXTELLA LINK – Beach Bloody Demoness
      • DLL Files : Please extract jzipzsx EXE and install.DLL Files : OuyaTouhouMonokotoFX-AZ
      • Sound Files : Please extract ZIP
      • Data Files : Please extract ZIP
      • JAzp
      • How To Install?
      • Once You Installed the Game Once Its Completed & Run it


      • Do Not run this as admin, It will cause issues.
      • If You Love This Game Then Support As A Developer
      • And If You’re An Indie Game Developer, Please Contact us More Details Because This Can Help You Donate & Don’t Feel Sad, Empty With rage.
      • Download A For PC (Supported OS : Windows 7, 8, & 10,Win Pre4,2000, XP) [Tested] & Win 7 64 Bit : 100MB – The games data
        Download B (On some Systems) [Tested] & Win 7 64 Bit : 100MB – The games data

      • W0rdFighter Used: N0 where [of course no movie] & no apk
      • Please Note : If You See A Gold Menus Then Install A For PC & Attempt To Run The Game As Administrator


      System Requirements For Axiallis:

      Xbox One S
      Xbox Game Pass Ultimate
      Internet Connection required
      Windows 10, 10.1, or later
      Languages available:
      How to get the DLC on Microsoft Store:
      Play the game and go to the “My Games and Apps” menu.
      Once there, go to “Purchased” > “Xbox Game Pass” > “My Games and Apps” > “More” > “


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