BBSAK (BlackBerry Swiss Army Knife) is a practical toolkit for users that want to back up their applications or to perform other maintenance operations. Just as the name suggests, it is designed to be an all-in-one tool for BlackBerry owners.
Automatic detection and backup and restore capabilities
The application detects the compatible devices when it is started and allows you to enter the password required for accessing it. Since BBSAK cannot access the device at the same time as the BlackBerry Desktop Software, you need to close it manually or by pressing the Kill Processes button.
The most used functions of the program such as the backup and restore features are available in the main window. These enable you to create a backup of certain applications, even the ones installed from other sources than the App World store.
Change you OS version and remove all data with a click of the button
You can use BBSAK to load a new operating system on your device and to keep multiple OS versions on your computer. Instead of removing the old version, installing the new one and updating the software of the phone, you can simply select the OS that you want to use. This function can be used both for upgrading and downgrading the phone.
Some of the available features can damage your device if not used properly. For instance, you can delete all the content of your phone, including the operating system by using the Wipe Device button. While this is useful for cleaning the device after an unsuccessful update, it can also cause data loss if you do not know what you are doing.
Manage apps
The program can also handle the COD files that are used by the phone to install and run the applications. These can be copied to and from the computer folders if you need to manually change the phone content. If you want to learn a thing or two about this operation, you can take a look at the documentation from this page.
Bottom line
In conclusion, BBSAK includes a useful set of tools for managing your phone content. It is not designed to replace the BlackBerry Desktop Software, but to complete its features for tweaking your mobile device.









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BlackBerry Swiss Army Knife – a universal toolkit for BlackBerry users with a convenient set of functions that are ideal for quick backup and maintenance tasks.
Most BBSAK functions are available at once. Need to launch specific applications, make backups of them, or delete unneeded contacts? If it is necessary to insert COD files that come with the phone to add applications or launch them? If it is necessary to perform changes to the operating system of the device, you can start a new version and keep the old one? You can use it to manage applications, delete unwanted contacts, run old operating systems, and more. The program also includes a rich and user-friendly interface that is appropriate for quick and accurate work.
Compatible devices:
When you install BlackBerry Swiss Army Knife on the computer, you can use its functions on your device if it was previously connected to the computer through the Bluetooth interface.
Fast and convenient data transfer:
The application features a rich interface which is compatible with the BlackBerry phone. A universal file can be easily transferred by the user.
Main features of the program:
Change and backup OS versions:
Install a new operating system version on the BlackBerry using the program on the computer. You can check in the operating system and select the version that you want to install.
Change phone version:
You can change the version of BlackBerry OS by using the program on the computer.
COD files management:
Use the program to install and remove applications from the BlackBerry using the COD files. When the phone has been connected to the computer, you can transfer the files directly from the storage to the phone.
Bulk operations for contacts:
Create lists with the contacts and select them one by one. Then quickly delete the selected contacts.
Hardware detection:
You will know the BlackBerry serial number and the phone manufacturer if it has been installed.
Data transfer:
Connect the BlackBerry to the computer using the USB interface. Then select the file that you want to transfer and choose a transfer destination. It is possible to transfer data with the BBSAK program directly from the computer to the BlackBerry.

Helps you to simplify your day and make it easier to identify problems (blackberry phones are a time waster). Instead of keeping a manual for each one this tool should guide you through all the steps.

Has a basic backup and restore function and the ability to run old OS’s.

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BBSAK – Swiss Army Knife for BlackBerry. It enables the user to manage his/her BlackBerry devices content such as installing new applications and taking a backup. The program has the ability to turn BB devices in the computer. Features are: automatic detection of the device, allowing access to the password, backup, removing downloaded applications, install new operating system, install new version of the operating system and much more!


If I may ask, what is your preferred method to installing applications?
If you are installing over the air (OTA), then you are better off using the App World. It has a nice wizard screen to guide you through the installation of the application.
For what it is worth, the App World is also the best way to get rid of unwanted applications, and manage applications on your device.


The best mobile backup solution I’ve used is the excellent Titanium Backup. I use this to backup and restore apps, contact, and some other settings, but my favorite part of the app is the functionality that lets you switch a number of settings between different versions of Android on the same device. So, if I’m running a newer Android but want to take advantage of a later version’s features, I can switch over to it from my current version via the software that goes with each device.
There are also other apps that can assist with backup and restore, e.g. Titanium or Google Backup, but I prefer Titanium Backup.

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What’s New in the BBSAK?

* Automatic detection and backup
* Manage your apps
* Change the operating system version
* Remove all data
* Wipe the device
* Edit COD files
* Edit the phone shortcut
* Root the device
* Copy COD files
* Extract files from the SD card
* Empty the cache
* Restore
* Backup
* Do you remember to remember
* Back up to SD card
* Reset your device password
* Backup your device settings
* Extract the COD files
* Automatically remove music
* Control your phone (MANAGEMENT)
* App to manage all apps, uninstall your apps
* Enable USB debugging
* Lock screen
* Web browser
* Replace lock screen wallpaper
* App launcher background
* Launch option

* Compatible OS: Blackberry OS 6.0 and up
* This is a free app. To remove ads
* We recommend BBSAK on any Blackberry deviceQ:

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