At times, you may be required to view a video file on your computer. If you would like to play an MP3 file on your digital music player, but don’t have the MP3 software installed, you can download the free WinAmp software and it will automatically install the MP3 plug-in.

Deluge is a peer-to-peer file sharing program for Linux, BSD, Mac, Unix and Windows systems. Its distributed nature means there is no central server in charge of the sharing process. Moreover, that decentralization provides a decentralized, safe and secure platform to download content at higher speeds. A quick way to set the torrent up is to download the torrent client software via the torrent site itself.

Ever wanted to play torrent games online, but not sure if they are safe to download or not? is a website dedicated to torrent games. The site even features games with adult content. Hence, you would want to use a VPN to play the games safely and anonymously.

The Pirate Bay is currently one of the most popular torrent sites with a huge user base. The site revolves around the seed and leech concept and features torrents in various categories including music, e-books, movies, software, and games. The site is a first-mover in torrent technology and offers a high quality, safe and functional torrent client to download and share.

MobileTopia is a website that focuses on downloading Mobile Games for Android and iOS platforms. The site aims to provide games before the official platforms, and also feature some popular games which are not part of the official platforms. The site offers a mobile app to download games and games for free or for a small fee. The site also features a search engine which allows users to search and download games.