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1) This is a research-based, online application designed to calculate Body Mass Index (BMI), also known as Quetelet’s index. BMI is calculated as body weight over height squared. BMI is a number that you and your doctor will use to examine and determine if you are overweight or obese.

The BMI calculator uses an algorithm to calculate your BMI. If you have not received a medical BMI from your doctor, or you have not taken a BMI measurement in a long time, you should enter both measurements taken at different time during the same day.

2) The BMI calculator will also give you a BMI prediction: underweight, normal, overweight, obese. If there are no available measurements, you will have to start a new quiz.

3) The BMI Index Calculator Serial Key was developed by doctors, based on research, to calculate an individual’s BMI as a clinical tool. It is not a medical tool for diagnosing overweight or obesity. We recommend that people have their BMI checked by their doctor to determine if they are at risk for developing illnesses associated with obesity.

4) It is recommended that users with medical conditions have their BMI checked by a doctor before using this BMI calculator.

** This is not a medical tool to diagnose overweight or obesity. **

5) Use this calculator to help you determine if you are overweight or obese. If you are, you may gain more weight and medical complications. If you are not, you may lose weight and improve your health.

6) The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention defines obesity as a body mass index (BMI) of 30 or greater. In addition, obesity has been defined as a BMI greater than 27, which is considered to be overweight. This software uses the cut-offs for obesity as defined by the World Health Organization.

7) The United States Federal government considers a BMI of 25 to 29.9 to be overweight and a BMI of 30 or greater as obese. The software currently shows as overweight if you are between 25 and 29.9, and obese if your BMI is 30 or greater.

8) BMI is a convenient metric to compare obesity and to determine if a person is at risk of developing medical problems associated with obesity. BMI categories are described in detail in the information box.

1) Preference:

2) Start the calculation with both weight and height entered in the fields provided

3) Select the type of unit that you want to use

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The BMI Calculator was written by M.Sc. José María Rubio and Dra. Catalina Padial-García from the Department of Food, Nutrition and Dietetics at the University of Málaga.

This program has been used in hundreds of hospitals and clinics in Spain, Europe and the USA.

This program was translated by José Luis Marzo from the original program by Randy Fox.

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BMI Index Calculator Product Key

It’s basic and is easy to use. There’s a printer icon to print the result which will be sent to your email or kept on your computer. It’s for body measurement and weight – it’s not a medical calculator.
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Biggest growth index calculator software for determination of world’s biggest man or woman.
Countries included:
-South Africa
-Saudi Arabia
-Hong Kong
-United Kingdom
-South Africa
-South Korea
-United Arab Emirates
-United States

The purpose of this index calculator is to give a simple way to find the ratio between height and weight and finally calculate a universal index.
By using the calculator you will be able to find your height, weight and BMI value.
This index calculator is suitable for men and women of any age.
It provides the list of countries with the biggest men or biggest women in each country.
This index calculator is useful for those who do not have access to a medical calculator for calculation of BMI.
Also the software provides BMI category recommendation for each country.Q:

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What’s New in the?

This BMI Index Calculator is very easy and simple to use. Click on it to get a list of the BMI categories and also the self help information about the BMI Index.
The software uses the following standards:

And if you have no questionnaire when you wish to check your BMI, you can get the BMI Index from our free Calculator.

What is your BMI category?

What is your BMI category? How to check your BMI category? This BMI Index calculator will answer your all questions.

Use the following methods to find out your BMI category.

Check your BMI category using the following method.

The essential things to know about the BMI Index.

The 50th percentile. This tells you the weight of an individual (in kilograms) who has half the body fat of a person in the 50th percentile. The 50th percentile is used for individuals who are all adults. Males and females are the same in height at the 50th percentile.

Adolescent population. This weight is used for individuals from age 14 and up.

Adults. This weight is used for individuals who are adults and older than 14 years.

The 10th percentile. This weight is used for individuals who are under 10 years of age.

The 90th percentile. This weight is used for individuals who are adults and older than 14 years.

Underweight. This weight is used for people who are under 5 years.

Overweight. This weight is used for people who are 5 or more years and over the 50th percentile.

Obesity. This weight is used for people who are older than 15 years and who are over the 90th percentile.

What are the indications of obesity?

What are the indications of obesity? Excess body fat is associated with serious health consequences. Excess body fat increases the risk of many diseases, including:

Heart disease

Type 2 diabetes

High blood pressure


Gallbladder disease

Some cancers

Congenital defects

Muscle and bone diseases


Several complications related to pregnancy

If your BMI is low you are considered a skinny or thin person. If your BMI is high you are considered an obese or obese person.

BMI Dangers

BMI Dangers. Obesity can be dangerous and can have many complications. These dangers include:

Heart disease

Type 2 diabetes

High blood

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