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California Chicken Cafe Hot Potatoes Recipe


California chicken cafe hot potato recipe.n Street tacos and 3 plate tacos with choice of all natural chicken or steak; California Bowl of your choice.

1. Divide half serving randomly between two plates, then top each half plate with a large piece of feta cheese. Top with a layer of sun-dried cherry tomatoes or olives and drizzle thoroughly with olive oil. Place chicken, cheese and tomatoes on top. Drink orange juice.
2. Add other ingredients to taste, such as feta cheese and yellow onion and cucumber sauce.
3. The dish is ready.

As a result:
• 1 plate with an almost full portion at waist level
• the size of a large piece of bread for toast will decrease
• pieces of chicken or meat will become easier to lift
• the vegetable base of the dish will improve
Cooking order
Photo: Fotolia