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Callan Method Book Mp3 22


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Complete Audio-Visual Preparation Course From Level 1 To Level 12

From the Author:

“It works for me, why shouldn’t you be able to get a similar experience?”

The Callan Method by Bob Salmieri is a step-by-step audio-visual approach to teaching grammar, vocabulary, and conversation. It is designed to teach grammar, vocabulary, and conversation using a combination of listening, speaking, and writing activities. This visual approach to learning will provide you with a thorough understanding of subject vocabulary.

In addition to teaching grammar, vocabulary, and conversation, The Callan Method includes clear explanations for the language and concepts on each page to ensure that you understand the words and concepts completely. It will help you apply this understanding in real-life situations by reinforcing your learning with several reading activities.

The Callan Method is complete and easy-to-follow. You can work through each lesson as quickly or as slowly as you choose. You can learn to use vocabulary in a variety of settings, as well as to navigate complex grammatical structures. Students learn to speak with natural, conversational tone. You will learn to compose dialogue for yourself and others. And, at the end of each lesson, you will be able to review vocabulary, grammar, and vocabulary with relative ease. Your English will be understood, and your confidence as a communicator will improve immensely.

The Callan Method is not an easy course. It’s a hard course. But if you follow the routine, you will be rewarded with speaking, writing, reading, and listening that are second to none.



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After an introduction by Bob Salmieri, the author of The Callan Method, the following chapters are presented.

In chapter 1, “Grammar and Vocabulary,” the following topics are covered:

The definitions of grammar and vocabulary.


Proper use of the present tense.


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Callan Method Book Mp3 22
Callan Method Book Mp3 22
Callan Method Book Mp3 22
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