Managing one's multimedia library can be a grueling task when faced with hundreds and even thousands of items. Fortunately, powerful digital tools have been developed to tackle just this issue and CatDV Pro is one such application. With it, users can maintain a neatly organized catalog of all multimedia files (tracks, clips and pictures), complete with informative thumbnails and metadata descriptions.
Provides integration with advanced professional editing systems
The program can import most types of files, including common Windows Media clips (WMVs, WMAs, and ASFs), as well as Quick-Time supported ones (MPEGs, AVIs, GIFs, and MP3s). Featuring a highly intuitive GUI setup, users need only employ the left-side tree view to navigate to their multimedia folder. Once located, all valid documents will display thumbnails (if available), and the file name.
If the thumbnails are not sufficient, as can be the case for clips, one can preview any multimedia file by employing the built-in player or viewer. So far, these features are also available with the standard version of the tool.
Employ thumbnail displays to locate files quickly
CatDV Pro distinguishes itself by providing advanced users with good integration with professional editing systems; also, it allows users to employ the built-in “Sequence editor” to cut frames. Also available with the Pro edition is the ability to catalog other file types, not just multimedia documents. These include PDFs and XMLs, for which users can even view metadata information.
Users of this edition also receive a higher degree of customization, both concerning the preview settings, but also the details shown for each clip and the overall layout of the panels. As with the standard version, the program can also convert multimedia files to several formats, including MPEGs, MOVs, MP4s or JPEGs.
The program catalogs the multimedia library and allows users to convert clips and tracks
All things considered, CatDV Pro is a detailed tool that can be particularly valuable for users with large multimedia libraries.


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CatDV Pro Crack

CatDV Pro Crack Mac is a powerful digital video and audio management software. It is easy to use, totally configurable and can catalog your multimedia library and allows you to convert and manipulate it.
CatDV is available in three editions:
CatDV Home Edition: Ideal for individual use and is a multimedia catalog and also an audio mixing tool
CatDV Pro Edition: For professionals who need more functionality and power. The home edition is supplemented with audio and video processing tools
CatDV Pro for Mac: For professionals who need power and ease of use.
The process of cataloguing:
You can use a quality catalog to help you manage all your multimedia collection. A CDV catalog can contain an unlimited number of tracks (CDs), video clips, images (CDs, DVDs, screen shots, webcam captures and etc.), audio clips, media files, videos, document files (PDFs, HTMLs, XLS and etc.).
You can simply add your CD/DVD/Blu-Ray discs or files and drag and drop them to the catalog window. When you are done with adding files, you can rearrange them, edit the information, change the relative position of the clips and etc.
You can create a multilabel and assign them to various clips or to a subdirectory, so you can quickly browse through your multimedia files.
When you want to view your multimedia files, just click on the thumbnail (or the filename) and the file will be played. You can also right click on the thumbnail, select the properties to get information about the file, the directory, the thumbnail, the filename and etc.
By default, each clip has a description, a time and a list of all the labels applied to it. You can add other information as you wish, which is very useful for your multimedia collections.
You can also change the duration of the clip or the size of it for your preview and these changes will be applied to all the labels.
By default, every label has a name, a time, a date, a size, a duration, a preview and a list of all the multimedia files assigned to this label. You can modify this information as you wish.
You can also assign the audio tracks to a specific label.
You can also assign multiple labels to an item. This is very useful for cataloguing and information purposes.
You can have multiple catalogs.
You can create short time-codes for the clips.
You can create subdirectories

CatDV Pro Free

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Add more tabs if you need
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Search at the same time
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There are lot more options for you to choose.

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CatDV Pro Crack Serial Key (2022)

CatDV is a powerful but easy to use tool for cataloging your photos, videos, music, and other multimedia items.
In just few minutes, you can organize your media library into hundreds of folders and create all of the labels you need – even if you’ve never used the Windows XP multimedia library tools before.
CatDV allows you to create custom Folders to store all your photos and videos.
With the built-in Media Player, you can preview your multimedia files. There is also a built-in Media Viewer that allows you to preview almost any multimedia file, including as a thumbnail and with detailed thumbnails and metadata.
Like a cataloging database, the Media Library allows you to enter your own metadata and relate your files to each other.
Quick-Start features:
*Organize your multimedia library into hundreds of custom folders
*Create custom labels for all your photos and videos with text and icon images
*Display your multimedia files as thumbnails in the Media Library
*Create folders for all your multimedia files, or add your own custom folders
*Preview any multimedia file by clicking on the icon and adding the file to your library
*Get metadata for all your multimedia files by clicking on the buttons in the Media Library
*Preview any metadata for any file
*Get detailed information about your media files by clicking on the buttons in the Media Library
*Organize your photo, music, video and other multimedia files into the folders of your choice
*Preview metadata for all your multimedia files by clicking on the buttons in the Media Library
*Get detailed metadata information for any file by clicking on the buttons in the Media Library
*File types supported – *.tif *.jpg *.mpeg *.avi *.mp3 *.mov *.wmv *.wmv *.asf *.ac3 *.ts *.mkv *.mkv *.avi *.mpg *.mp4 *.mp4 *.m4v *.m4a *.m4b *.3gp *.3gpp
*Play/edit your files in the Media Player (shown on the picture to the right, but not available with standard installation)
*Audio and video files previewed in Media Viewer (available with the standard version of the software)
*Quality control (use in the Media Library)
*The ability to view and/or modify metadata for all your multimedia files
*Ability to import and export files
*Ability to reverse/encrypt your files
*Ability to rename/move files

What’s New In CatDV Pro?

Computer Assisted Media Transfer Protocol (CAMT) is a groundbreaking new audio or video application that allows you to transfer files, such as movies and images, between your hard drive and the Internet. Camt uses digital rights and license management technology to enable manufacturers of personal devices to offer secure multimedia data transfer over the internet to you. In fact, Camt’s GUI and file management system can provide complete access to all multimedia content stored on your PC.
*Multimedia Files:
Camt is a quick and powerful software that can transfer image and media files from the hard drive to an iPod, PSP, other portable media player, your Web site, or to any other media player on your PC or Mac, like Quicktime Player.
*Easy-to-Use Interface:
Customized to fit any media player on any computer. Simply drag and drop files and folders to get started. Camt allows you to process image and video files, as well as audio files. Camt has been tested with Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Vista, and Windows 7.
Camt offers maximum flexibility and functionality in transferring, previewing, editing, and burning your multimedia files.
*USB Support:
Camt offers support for USB connected drives. Simply connect a USB drive, and Camt will immediately recognize it, and you can access it as if it was on your hard drive. Camt provides complete access to all multimedia content stored on the attached USB drive.
*Easy to Use:
The Camt interface is easy to navigate and use. Camt is available to you from any Internet browser.
CatDV Pro Features:
*Tools to Rip, Convert, Preview, Edit and Play Multimedia Files
*Photo and Video Support
*Supported with and created by public users.
*Import and Export of hundreds of multimedia formats
*Copy Files and Folders
*Real-time file browser
*20+ templates
*Automatically update
*Send files to an email address
*FTP support
*Change file names
*Move files
*Send files to network computers
*Change file size and quality
*Edit metadata
*Drag and Drop
*View file size
*Burn files with a custom graphic
*View digital rights
*Easily transfer files to an iPod
*Export to:

System Requirements:

CPU: Intel Pentium 4 or above
RAM: 512 MB
HDD: 30 MB
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