Coco/R is a NetBeans plugin designed to add support for Coco/R to the NetBeans IDE. Coco/R is a compiler generator that takes an attributed grammar and delivers scanner and parser for the language, described by the grammar.









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What’s New In Coco R Plugin?

Coco/R lets the user add Coco/R support to NetBeans IDE. Coco/R support is available in NetBeans 6.7.1 and newer.

The Coco/R plugin starts with the parser that recognizes the attribute grammar and lets you create and edit a new Coco/R file. You can create the Coco/R files for Coco/R using the Coco/R parser in the Coco/R editor.

Coco/R plugin has two functionalities:

Coco/R File support

Coco/R Browser support

Coco/R File support:

Coco/R plugin supports Coco/R files that Coco/R parser creates.

It lets you add Coco/R support to an existing project or an empty project. It lets you create Coco/R files for Coco/R parser or you can add new Coco/R files.

Coco/R Browser support:

Coco/R plugin supports Coco/R Browser to compile and run Coco/R files.

It has options for changing the Coco/R settings and working with Coco/R.

Start a Coco/R file from NetBeans:

You can start Coco/R file from NetBeans IDE.

Coco/R Files Browser:

Coco/R plugin lets you open Coco/R files that Coco/R parser creates.

Coco/R Files Browser is a separate window that is opened after opening a Coco/R file.

Coco/R files browser is open using the right click on the file name from the projects and to add files.

It is also possible to open a file with Coco/R plugin by using the context menu on the file.

Coco/R plugin lets you change Coco/R files settings like the Coco/R file name, location and project.

It has options for changing the Coco/R settings and working with Coco/R.

Coco/R settings:

Coco/R settings are created from the Coco/R editor.

Coco/R file settings:

It is possible to change the Coco/R file settings.

It has options for changing the Coco/R settings and working with Coco/R.

The new features supported in the Coco/R plugin are as follows:

Coco/R file support:

Support for Coco/R files has been added in the NetBeans IDE 6.8. It can also be enabled for previous version of the NetBeans IDE from the update center.

The following files are supported by the Coco/R plugin:





Coco/R Browser support:

System Requirements For Coco R Plugin:

– PC with Windows 7, 8 or 10 (Mac users can also run the game but will not be able to play if the device has an Intel i5 Processor or greater)
– A 64-bit compatible video card
– 3 GB of RAM
– A 50 GB free space on the main hard drive
– 1.5 GB of free space on the Xbox Live Online account
– A Microsoft Gold Xbox Live account
– A stable Internet connection
– Internet Explorer 11 or later with at least version 8 installed
– Xbox