Condeiele Lui Voda De Calin Gruia Comentariu Literar

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… .com/stories/3109186-condeiele-lui-voda-de-calin-gruia-comentariu-literar – “A “It’s you, Cecilia,” he said, “I like you, Cecilia,” he added, “and not just because you’re my wife…”
“Yes, but I like you too,” I replied, “and not just because you are my husband.”
– “You’re an angel!” – he said.
– “Yes, I’m an angel!” – I said.
“I love you, Cecilia,” he said.
“You are my one and only,” I said.
“I can’t live without you,” he said.
“Me too,” I said.
“We love each other,” he said.
– “Yes