COVERT Pro Free Latest

1. Hide your System Activity.
2. Hide running applications.
3. System Protection.
4. Control your Encryption.
5. Quick Access to System Security.
6. Support for Mac.
7. Support for iOS.
8. Support for Android.
9. Support for Web.
10. Support for Windows.
11. Hide Removable Devices.
12. Hide tasks and processes.
13. Automatically control input or output devices.
14. Protect your computer with a firewall.
15. Hide running programs and utilities.
16. Hide your desktop activity.
17. Hide the system tray and desktop icons.
18. Hide the Registry.
19. Prevent external data and executable files from accessing the screen.
20. Hide the desktop and the screen.
21. Hide the wireless network.
22. Can disable the keyboard and mouse.
23. Can lock the whole computer.
24. Password protection.
25. Work on Mac, Windows, iOS, Android, and Web.
26. Work on Desktop, Mobile, and Web.
27. Work on local, removable media, and external media.
28. Work on encrypted disks.
29. Support for USB devices.
30. Support for disk drives.
31. Support for sound cards and Flash games.
32. Support for memory card devices.
33. User remote control.
34. Can disable keyboard and mouse.
35. Can lock all computers on one network.
36. Support for multiple computers and networks.
37. Support for multiple user accounts.
38. Support for network shares.
39. Monitor the entire network bandwidth.
40. Support for USB mass storage.
41. Support for USB printers.
42. Support for file encryption.
43. Manage and monitor all the system log files.
44. Monitor and remotely activate screen savers.
45. Protect your desktop.
46. Protect your internet connection.
47. Plug in USB devices and easily share pictures.
48. Monitor and disable desktop and network adapters.
49. Protect your personal files and documents.
50. Control your computers by remote connection.
51. Work on portable media.
52. Remotely log on to computers.
53. Work on encrypted disks.
54. Remotely control and monitor computers.
55. Can access all remote computers.
56. Support for USB pendrives.

COVERT Pro [32|64bit]

COVERT Pro is a lightweight and intuitive software solution that enables you to work on a computer and use all of your favorite programs, without a trace of your activity left on it, thus ensuring your privacy and anonymity.
Intuitive and user-friendly looks
Subsequent to a quick and uneventful setup process, you can launch the tool and begin configuring its functioning parameters, defining the utilities you intend to work with.
Since the appearance of COVERT Pro is quite simple and accessible, it is unlikely you will need that much experience in order to handle it properly.
Hide and protect your activity on the PC
Before being able to hide your activity on the computer, you need to define the programs you regularly work with, specifying their full path and assigning them shortcuts in COVERT Pro’s panel, enabling you to start them with a click. You can add up to twelve different ones.
Nonetheless, you can also run applications that are not in the launch panel, using the ‘Starting Programs’ button. Whenever you want to work with any of them, in order to make sure your activity is not being tracked or recorder, you can press the ‘Login to Secure Platform’ button.
At this point, a dedicated window will appear, allowing you to access your utility and work with it, without fear of your activity being tracked. You can also choose a preferred level of ‘Internal Protect Mode’ between 0,.
Moreover, you can constantly view your system’s performance levels and list the currently functioning drivers, processes and services. Similarly, you can add various executables to the ‘Database Threats’.
A useful PC activity hider
In addition, the built-in messenger makes it very easy for you to securely communicate with others Covert Pro users. Basically, you need two things to be able to send messages: the serial number of the recipient’s app and an encryption key. All in all, COVERT Pro is a handy and easy to understand application that aims to protect your computer activity from prying eyes, hiding all traces of your work through the secure platform, regardless of the tool you use.
COVERT Pro Features:
– Hide and protect your activity on the PC
– Work on multiple computers simultaneously
– Lock access to your computer’s data
– Hide current activity from any ‘listener’
– Find computers that are online
– Lock/unlock Windows applications



Alone and unnoticed, your computer activity, from browsing the Web, to instant messaging, to chat or watching DVDs and other media, can be monitored.
COVERT Pro makes it possible to protect your privacy, ensure that your data is safe, without hindering your computer activity, using modern means of securing your computer, while remaining easy to use.
COVERT Pro comes with a built-in tool for secure messaging, which makes it possible for you to communicate with others using its secure platform.
Hide all your computer activity
COVERT Pro allows you to hide your activity on the computer, so that no one can see you.
Take a Snapshot
The way COVERT Pro works, is to take a snapshot of your computer, storing a copy of it and not being able to track it back to you.
Hide programs
Using COVERT Pro’s secure platform, you can quickly and easily hide programs in such a way that no one can find them again.
Identify your device
COVERT Pro is a privacy tool that recognizes the specific features of various devices.

It allows you to get an automatic identification of your PC and ensure that your privacy is always protected, regardless of whether you use Windows or Linux.
Connect to a VPN
COVERT Pro connects you to a VPN and makes sure your traffic is safe, since it is secured and encrypted.
Hardware & Operating System:
Mac: OSX 10.4, 10.5
Windows 2000, XP, Vista, 7
Intel Mac OS, Free
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COVERT® is a registered trademark of Cedexis AG, Chausseestraße 107, 10117 Berlin, GERMANY.

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What’s New In COVERT Pro?

Download and run COVERT PRO on your computer and surf anonymously!

COVERT PRO Description:

COVERT PRO is a specialized anti-spyware program with simple interface that will protect your personal information from various spying software on your computer.
COVERT PRO will not only remove spyware and adware, but also will hide your online activities.
COVERT PRO will help you surf Internet anonymously without being monitored by other people.
COVERT PRO is a very advanced anti-spyware tool that removes all types of spyware and adware with a simple and easy to use interface.
However, COVERT PRO is not just any anti-spyware tool: it is a piece of software which offers advanced functions and takes into account many different kinds of spyware.
In addition, COVERT PRO has a built-in communication program that hides all activity of the users on a protected platform, thus making it impossible to see that any activity is performed on a particular computer and the corresponding browser.
COVERT PRO will not only remove spyware and adware, but also will hide your online activities.

Advantages of COVERT PRO:

· COVERT PRO provides fast and effective protection against various types of spyware and adware which slow down the PC’s speed and cause serious problems when the system gets infected with them.

· COVERT PRO hides your online activities and stops them from being recorded by third parties.

· The Anti-Spyware program is very efficient and effective in its functions and it can be used with other software.

· COVERT PRO uses an easy to use interface.

· COVERT PRO has a built-in anti-spyware program which will scan, remove and fix all types of spyware, adware and malware on your computer.

· COVERT PRO can operate in stealth mode.

· COVERT PRO can operate in stealth mode.

COVERT PRO Features:

· Each time COVERT PRO will get the information about a new threat, update will be carried out and new processes will be installed in the background to prevent the emerging threats.

· You can also add additional.exe files to the ‘Database Threats’ and they will be run during scans.

· It is possible to check the current status of the application in the directory of COVERT PRO utility.

System Requirements For COVERT Pro:

Rift S 1.1 (must have an internet connection)
Xbox One Controller
Gamepad (Razer Gamepad Pro)
Step 1. Launch STEAM.
Step 2. Click on Settings and then choose ‘Add a game to my library’.
Step 3. Click on Add a Game (on the right), and select ‘Nier Automata’.
Step 4. Click on Continue.
Step 5. Click on ‘Next’ and select ‘Yes’.