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Conciertos Vocaloid HD (2011)

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Does it matter in which order the objects are stored in the memory in java?

I am a beginner in java. In one of the books I am reading now, it is said the we can use the objects in java in any of the following three ways:

Storing the objects in Java objects in an array, and referencing them via indexes
Storing the objects in a LinkedList which helps to keep track of which object refers to which other object.
Storing the objects in a HashTable in which two objects are compared via the.equals() method.

Now I would like to know if it matters in which way the objects are stored in the memory?
Can we store the objects in the memory without storing it in any of the above three ways? If we can, what are the different methods for storing objects in memory?


A LinkedList is kind of array, but (being a doubly linked list) offers some advantages (especially when using the iterator).
The HashTable is a triply linked list, too (anyone missed the first item?). But keeping the HashTable keys in a SortedMap is more natural for a lot of purposes – and making sure that hash collisions are handled in a usable way.
A List is basically a linked list. So there’s no method for collection the objects “without storing it in any of these”. There are different kinds of collection, but while a List or a ArrayList are plain lists, the LinkedList is in fact a doubly linked list.
Unless you have a specific purpose in mind, I’d say that the HashTable makes more sense, because it makes it easier to search for elements. The LinkedList is useful for setting references and such, which can then be recast to a List.


You’re supposed to use whichever approach makes the most sense. Most collections are synchronized, so it’s generally possible to access an arraylist in a loop without running into problems. Linked lists aren’t quite as well-synchronized; anything you do within a list object is non-transactional if used in multiple threads. Collections can be synchronized, which blocks concurrent threads access to the same entries in a collection for as long as the synchronization is active.
But, there



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