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Dragon City Hack Tool V1 2

2) its not like this particular problem was unique. actually if there was any one easy way to get narcotics legally itd be to allow people to grow as much as they want, so long as they dont distribute it.

of course that would also create a huge problem with organized crime. the companies that distribute the drugs we already couldnt stop trying to do so would most likely make a tidy living as long as it was legal to do so.

4) i always liked the way oregon legalized medical marijuana, then made the distribution of recreational pot a state and not federal issue. oregon threw a bone to cannabis law reformers by allowing medical marijuana but also made it the responsibility of the state to make sure that people could get it (or at least didnt make it illegal for them to try.)

thats how societies self-select. there will always be people who have the desire to become communists (or something even worse) and people who dont. if you give them the way to a communist society they will take it. if you stop them, theyre screwed.

5) poof! somehow this gets funded with no one noticing that almost all of the recipients of government giveaways end up holding the bag for the biggest bill of them all. you really cant separate the problem, and solving the problem of free money without solving the problem of free money is really hard.

i say quit giving everyone free money in the first place, and just give everyone slightly fractional ownership of society. alternatively we could do like the last gilded age and claim that a few key people should own a large amount of society. that way you could do a philanthropic program where, say, trump gets half the credit for whatever success he had.

One of the things that seems to be missing here is the difference in armor penetration between regular and shaped charge warheads/shells. Im very shaky on this, but my understanding is that most anti-tank missiles get their armor penetration from the shaped charge warhead rather than just projectile velocity.
That one I liked, and is fairly feasible. Assuming it would take a full-up naval task force, with huge lead-in time, to deploy and coordinate against it. You can only maintain so many mobile deep water platforms, and then your DoDs energy budget is going to get very tight fast (any more than several hundred miles out and you’ll have to scramble carriers and amphibious forces to deal with it). Even with radar in the middle of the Pacific, any helicopter support plane would have to remain on station, lest it get blown out of the air by the next dragon pulse (let alone be submerged by the next torrential tsunami).
All of this is outside of formal economic theory, but I was recently reading some discussions on the virtues of simplifying in economics. The immediate virtue of simplicity is that it makes it easier to work on all the knobs. A DFS will work fine and I fully expect it to do better than a greedy algorithm. Yet the success of DFS is a matter of degree, with some problems being extremely easy to solve, and some problems being almost impossible to solve.
This could simply be “smart dragon” writ large. We do live in an age of dragons, right?. Thats not to say that certain kinds of dragons wouldnt be better at certain kinds of tasks than others, but the fundamental problem of equilibrium aside (ie. 1. Dragons arent stupid enough to play with the big kids, 2. Dragons are scarce enough that they wouldnt engage in mass warfare, 3. The logic of the universe wouldnt work if dragons were allowed to exist in an uncontrolled state)