Explore a vast world and a multilayered storyline while fighting on your journey to become a powerful Elden Lord.

With a vast world full of adventures and a rich storyline, the exhilarating fantasy RPG awaits!

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Aleppo before the war, and before the Syrian Civil War

Before the start of the Syrian Civil War, Aleppo (historically known as Aleppo in Syria, Aleppo in Turkey, and later to the English-speaking world as Aleppo in Syria), was the largest city in Syria, and in the region. At the onset of the Syrian Civil War, it was the second largest in Syria behind Damascus. Aleppo was a modern, major city, with a population of 1.2 million in 2011, and 2.5 million in 2012.

Its 2016 population was 3.2 million, which made it the seventh largest city in Syria, and the largest in the Aleppo Governorate. It had an area of 17.2 km2, and is situated around 160 km north of Damascus, and about 230 km from the Mediterranean Sea. Its distance to the Turkish border is 162 km.

Aleppo’s current status

Currently, since the start of the war in Syria, Aleppo is under the control of multiple parties. The town is divided between the


Elden Ring Features Key:

  • The Power of the Elden Ring: Earn the support of the Org – an organization that unifies all existing realms – in order to take down the deadly and terrifying entity known as the Exalted
  • Against the backdrop of an open world: When you think you have nothing else to fight for, unexpected and violent situations may arise that you can’t predict
  • Customize your character: Equip a variety of weapons and armor and enhance your physical strength and magical power through advanced skills
  • A Story Full of Depth: Detailed and multilayered narrative with a full cast of characters and depth of world building
  • Endless Fantasy: A fantasy action game that offers a huge, unique and long-lasting adventure
  • Fair and Untouchable: The game upholds four values that represent the pillars of RPG culture: fairness, truth, honor, and purity. Even if the history of your ancestors was tainted, which caused the Exalted to appear, so long as you abandon those who want power and rein in your desires, the change of fate will allow you to rise.