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Hero Editor V 1.13 55


June 20, 2020
My Diablo 2 character file is version 1.13 55 (file name: diablo2characters-1.13-55), what should I do to automatically download the file with the latest version of the hero editor? .
May 9, 2019
Question: I found an old version of Heroe Editor that has a redemptions feature, but when I’m trying to redeem I’m getting the following error: “Warning: The given password does not match the password the account was created with. Answer: Well, Hero editor is way behind on a lot of things. It has the redemption features built into it, but everything else is still in beta. If you ask them, they should have a version 1.13 beta out by the end of this year. I know that this is a pretty old program, but I hate having to update something to get it to work.  .
May 4, 2019
To play in the multiplayer mode, a PC LAN is required. Pre-requisite for the multiplayer mode is the following: Play Diablo 2 with LOD 1.13. .
Oct 14, 2018
Info needed. Could someone explain to me exactly what Hero Editor does? I want to know more about it’s use and stuff.
Oct 14, 2018
I downloaded the Diablo 2 game from the site. I know it doesn’t work with LOD 1.13, but I don’t want to update to the latest Diablo 2 version.
Oct 14, 2018
I’ve downloaded and installed the latest version of LOD 1.13 and I’m using Hero editor, but it doesn’t support the character files that are created in the Diablo 2 game on the server version. It says “Character File Header Is Not Correct.” how can I fix this?
Oct 14, 2018
I downloaded and installed the latest version of the Diablo 2 game on my PC. The character file is created on the server version in the in-game menu. When I import the character file into Hero editor, I get “Character File Header Is Not Correct” error. How can I fix this problem?
Oct 14, 2018
I followed the detailed instructions on the Diablo 2 website: Download your game here. Download [PASSWORD] and install it here. Be sure to use the correct password!
Oct 14, 2018
Dear SOF Staff: The link on this thread has the correct data:


Jul 12, 2018
I have a D2 character that I have played for a while with the 1.12c patch. The game ended and the character is still alive, but I can no longer open the character files (as they show up as “open”)..
hero editor v 1.13 55
May 30, 2019
All of the dark elf male characters have been brought back. It has been doing this on play-by-play and replay files, but I have no .
Nov 12, 2018
My character spawn text was being over written after doing a reload. I’ve since brought it back to what it was before, but I never actually got a password. Do you remember what the .

May 21, 2019

“Don’t fight the strong opponent, kill it and take its things. ”

For 2.0.9c I want to add an icon to my game. Is there a way to add a new icon in D2 with hero editor? I’ve tried looking into modding tools and.



You can edit icons at bitbucket
Waybackmachine: D2 (1.14)
You can install D2 (1.14) from a bin file here on this website:
Waybackmachine: D2 (1.13)



Edit the 8.6 font in your.txt file.
For instance, I set it to:



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