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Lion King Cartoon Movie Download

this is a great family movie with all the right elements for the whole family to enjoy. i love the comedy, the music, the graphics and the animation. the visuals are stunning and the story is simple and easy to understand. it’s a story about courage, friendship and family. –disney press release

the script is written as if it was intended for older kids. i like to think of it as a ‘big kid’s adventure’ movie, and that fits in with the tone of the film. it’s not a particularly violent film, but then, it would be almost impossible to make a film like this with a pg rating, and i think that’s what disney really wanted. i think it’s a great film for children, and i think it’s a great film for parents to share with their children. the only thing i would caution parents is that this is a very sad story, and so it’s not really appropriate for children who are still developing emotionally. but for kids aged 9 and above, i think it’s just a great adventure movie. –jake bilotti

while not all children will understand all the lyrics, they’ll enjoy singing along to the songs as they watch the movie. the cute little penguins are also quite easy to relate to, and as usual, the filmmakers pull out all the stops when it comes to the small touches. for example, they use a lot of short cuts in the opening credits and in the same way as before, they use it in such a way that the movies message is clearly articulated and easy for the young audience to grasp.

we can already imagine the comments we’ll get from our friends once we watch the movie, and it’s probably not going to be complimentary. but for the first time, when we go to a movie theater and watch a big screen version of the movie, we’ll be able to enjoy the movie for what it is, and not have to worry about whether or not we should be embarrassed by some of the things we watch.

pixar, being a commercial company, has a lot more to sell to us. a lot more money to make, and a lot more ways to make it. so, the film is going to be a lot more marketed, and the marketing will probably make a movie that’s more middle of the road, rather than something that stands out and the classic. but we’ll have to wait and see.
when i initially received the disc, i was a little disappointed in its remastered picture quality. however, after watching the movie a couple of times now, i think its just an aesthetic thing that will improve as it is watched. while the picture is sharp and clear, it lacks that character of the older dvd and vhs and looks slightly washed out. the colors also lack that warmth that we’re accustomed to with older movies.
the problem with this film is that it falls into that exact category of movies that are so successful on their own, but suffer when they’re combined with some other movie. the film lacks the traditional disney feel and is a little too busy for its own good. there’s so much going on that we aren’t sure where to look, or if we can even believe everything we’re seeing.
even with it’s popularity, the movie is actually quite hard to sit through. it’s so busy with all the characters, and there are even a few moments that are just so weird that we’ll all have to let out a little “wtf?”
even with this critique, it is still easily a good way to spend an afternoon, or even an evening. it’s one of those movies that you’ll be talking about for a long time, and it’ll probably change the way you feel about movies.