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Arabic Microsoft Office 2007 full….
… Office Arabic Full v1.0 Update.a.rar (15.68 MB). V1.0. Most popular!…. Office Arabic Full v1.0 Update.a.rar (15.68 MB). V1.0. Most popular Download Here!
Office 2007 Arabic English (32bit & 64bit) (Final) [i have 32 and 64]
Office 2007 Arabic English
Speak and Write Arabic
Arabic Language in Office 2007?
Language Pack for Microsoft Office 2007
Language Pack for Microsoft Office
Microsoft office 2007 Arabic introduction pdf.
Try a free 30 day trial.
Microsoft Office 2010: Office Arabic for Windows 7.
Or, visit Microsoft’s Office Home and Student website.

And, if you can get a copy of Windows 7 Ultimate, you can get the language pack for that, and be running in Arabic!
Good luck.


As I answered here:

No, the base OS doesn’t have language support, you need to
download and install the appropriate add-on language packs on top of
Windows 7/vista…

Dafydd Thomas
Software Developer


How to detect if user changes his/her data in history

I am building a repository in Angular and I would like to know if the user adds/updates/deletes data in the history.
It is possible to change the data (add, update, delete) in the history, for example by clicking the button “Change”.

user opens history screen.
user clicks on save button.
user clicks on change button.

How can I detect that the user has modified the history?
Is there a way to poll all the history for changes?


You can track what actions have been performed by subscribing to the event emitters.
From the docs:

Modify the properties of an item by setting its originHash and
insertPosition properties.
After the object is modified, the originHash and
insertPosition properties of its state will update. If it is not
modified for at least minUpdateMilliseconds milliseconds, or there
are currently no other subscriptions to this event, an update of its
state is published.

For example:
constructor(private store: Store) { }

state$ =


Select Office version

Microsoft Office word
If a.docx or.doc file, then you can open them using any Office application, you can even open them using MS Word by clicking File -> Open.
From (Source):
What if I don’t have MS Office?
How do I open a.docx or.doc file?

Save as a Microsoft Word file?
How do I open a.docx or.doc file in OpenOffice?
How to open a Microsoft Word 2007, 2010 (.docx)


Microsoft Office 2016 doesn’t have the Arabic character set

A Microsoft Office document cannot be viewed and is associated with the wrong character set.

At the very beginning of the document is a small box that has a black U,

This is the character set of the document and it was probably set when the document was first created.

If you don’t like the document, which you can’t see, you can delete it.
There is no way to change the character set of a document created with Microsoft Office.
Or you can install the U.K. character set or any language character set.
For a list of all languages:

For English Language support:

If you’d like to help us in additional translations, you are more than welcome to volunteer.
OpenOffice is always interested in hearing from people that can read and write any language.

But, be aware that you will also have to train and test how to read and write in another language.


In the document:

Select View > Encoding > UTF-8



What if I don’t have MS Office?

I just do an Internet search for each file extension.

How do I open a.docx or.doc file?

When I need to open such files, I do the following:

Open Microsoft Word
Open the document (right-click on the document, hit “Open with”
Select “Microsoft Word (Office 2007)”

What if I don’t have MS Office?

Of course, if you are accessing the files through a Web browser (e.g. through Dropbox, Google Drive, etc.), you just have to open the URL in