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Miracle C is a new high-level language for procedural programming and a compiler designed to create executable native code. It is based on Java.
A Java (aka J2SE) virtual machine is a small, lightweight runtime environment for executing Java bytecode, the binary code, resulting from the Java compiler. For this kind of software, usually a large portion of the application runs in the JVM, the runtime environment that runs this virtual machine.

A language with close links to Java that most of the developers probably know is C. It is a language that offers almost everything we need, and for beginners, has the simplicity of syntax and interface that can be used to familiarize with the development environment.
Miracle C requires the Java Virtual Machine (JVM) in order to run on Windows machines. It requires a small installer of a JDK and/or JRE, which is not always necessary, because a JVM is bundled within the built-in installer.

Using the Miracle C compiler, you will get native code ready to be executed on Windows machines.

To compile the Miracle C code on Windows, you need a JDK and/or JRE 6.0 and above.

In some cases, you may need to use some external libraries (system or third-party) in order to create your applications.
The Miracle C language supports object-oriented programming; it works with user-defined data types and classes; the equivalent to the type of inheritance are “interfaces”, and the class and static routines are called “class” and “static”.
You can use all of the same routines and structures used in Java, although the syntax is a little different, because of the addition of the pre-declarations and some keywords.
C compilers for Windows offer different extensions: one is Microsoft’s, which was implemented in Visual C++, and another is GNU, which was implemented in GCC. This is the case with the Miracle C compiler, with three language extensions: C, C++ and Java.
Miracle C uses the GNU Extension of Standard Template Library (STL), called Standard Template Library for the GNU GCC Compiler for C and C++.

And the best part is that this compiler is free, open source, and there is even a how-to guide for getting started.

Miracle C Installation:

Miracle C [2022]


Xamarin has released the compiler called Xamarin.Compiler for Mac, Linux and Windows, and Miracle C is built on top of it.
In addition to a syntax-highlighting engine with a very powerfull code analyzer, it supports Haskell-like
features such as pattern matching, match expressions, currying, combinators, etc. The code analyzer
provides very detailed information about the code and the parser is very robust.

Miracle C is a fast compiler, and more importantly, it produces very small executables thanks to
massive optimization techniques. It also works great with Mono, because it compiles to native
code, and does very well in many cases even without any optimization.

Miracle C is distributed under the BSD license and you can use and modify it freely. You can also
get a portable version for free on the xamarin.com site.

Just take a look at this screenshot:

![Miracle C screen capture]


The Intellisense and the state model for each method are implemented with a dedicated SQLite database.
An SQLite database is very efficient and the result will not be a compile-time error with this kind of
implementation. You can even add new types or derive from those existing types (e.g. LINQ classes).
This can be used to implement whole domains.

The editor supports comments, that work very well with the regex parser. You can also easily create
and compile your own functions, classes, etc. without any need to modify the main source code.

Miracle C has been tested with Mono 3.6.3, and it is more than stable.

Miracle C is an open source project and you can find the source code on

![Miracle C code on github]

![Miracle C release]

Concerning the license:

This software is distributed under the MIT license. The software is free, you can use it
freely, modify it freely and charge the results if you prefer.

If you want to be part of this community, consider to contribute to it!

![Miracle C contribution]

Getting started:

The compiler comes with a few sample projects:

Miracle C

The author’s description:

Miracle C is a compiler that is designed for experts and amateurs alike.
The pros can appreciate its advanced features, whereas the novices
can get familiarized with the development environment.
It can be run from the command line and it comes with several sample
projects to help users get started.

I was asked to sign a license agreement, but I’m unable to find a similar question to the one posted on the signup page (for those who are registering for free).
Is the agreement for a Pro version of the software?


The software is available under the open source license. However, it can also be used under the commercial license for a reduced price.
(by the way, the “reduced price” can be only for a 7-day evaluation.)


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I have a map like:
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When I access a value of this map, I do it like:

But when I do like:
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it shows Null pointer Exception.
Please help me in this. Thanks


entry : map1.entrySet())

you are iterating over map entrySet() and not over map1.
You are getting Null Pointer Exception because you are not initializing map1.
map1 = new HashMap();

Please refer following link for more infomation

Initializing a HashMap

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What’s New in the?

Miracle C is a modern C compiler that is easy to use.


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System Requirements For Miracle C:

OS: Windows 10 / Windows 8.1 / Windows 8 / Windows 7
Processor: Intel Core i3
Memory: 4GB RAM
Graphics: GeForce GTX 460 or Radeon HD 5850 with 1GB VRAM
Storage: 3GB available space
DirectX: Version 9.0
Network: Broadband Internet connection
Terms of Use:
App features: You can play all the features in the game and it is free to play. If you want to play the new update, you can play it.