Using the computer to control a mobile phone can be easily done with the right application software. In the case of Sony Ericsson phones that do not run Symbian or Android the options are pretty limited and one alternative is Mobile Master RemoteType.
The tool is specifically designed to automate certain actions and deliver them to a supported mobile phone straight from the computer.
Intuitive, easy to work with interface
Users should not have any trouble installing the application as the procedure is uneventful and reaches the finish in a small amount of time.
A straightforward interface announces the user that the tool awaits the input of a compatible phone for all the features to become available.
There are various methods for the application to connect to the mobile device; it can be done via a cable linking the two devices, an infrared connection or through Bluetooth.
Record macros and run them when needed with a press of a button
Mobile Master RemoteType works by recording macros on the computer and, when needed, they can be used with a press of a button.
A new macro can be recorded by pressing the buttons available in the interface and there is a special key that marks the end of the recording. The tool offers the possibility to record as many as seven macros.
There are no special configuration options available but Mobile Master RemoteType provides options for enabling the search for the device via the aforementioned methods.
Send tasks from the computer to the phone automatically
Mobile Master RemoteType comes with no documentation but the options are intuitive enough for most users to be able to work with it without too much effort, provided that a supported device is available.







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Properties of Mobile Master RemoteType:
Software: Mobile Master RemoteType version: 1.5.3, file size: 12.65 mb, released: 2016-08-03

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Mobile Master RemoteType

RemoteType is a simple application for Windows Mobile devices that allows you to control your phone from your computer.

With RemoteType you can:-

* Send and receive calls, messages and other functions of your mobile device from your computer via the internet.

* Send and receive texts and images from your device.

* Send and receive voice messages from your mobile device to any computer.

* Remotely flash your device (even if it is the locked version).

* Setup Hot-sync to Remotely and remotely delete text messages in your device.

* Activate the WiFi connection from your PC and have access to the 3G network of your mobile device from anywhere in the world.

* Use a USB HID dongle as a serial port device to attach a modem to your PC and configure the Hot-sync to Remotely to transfer calls from your device to your computer.

* Start a program you have installed on the mobile device, like an alarm clock or a calculator.

* Control the music or video or other supported functions from your device.

• It costs 25,99 Euro.
• The price is not reduced for multiple purchases.
• The entire data are sent over the Internet.

Note: Please read the descriptions very carefully before purchasing. This application is a very limited version. You can buy a full version for for a little bit more.

Installing the Software:
* Download and install the free version of PlugInEx.
* Download and unzip the downloaded file.
* Install pluginex.exe

After you have done this, set the parameter in the pluginex.exe to allow you to get data sent to your PC.

After doing this you need to download the files from the online market place and install on your phone.

Download the HotSync to Remotely application as shown in the next chapter.

Hardware Requirements:
After the installation of the hotSync to Remotely application you should take the hotSync to Remotely as an external USB serial port and your computer should see the port as a COM port. The hotSync to Remotely Windows application gives you the possibility to configure the parameters of the hotSync to Remotely application from the HotSync to Remotely Windows application.

HotSync to Remotely Windows Application
After the installation of the hotSync to Remotely application you need to configure the hotSync to Remotely application

Mobile Master RemoteType With Key

Requires Windows XP or newer.
Supported for currently available Android and Symbian phones.
Supported for Sony Ericsson phones running Symbian and Android.
Gives the user the ability to use his/her mobile device as a remote control for his/her computer.
Allows for the automation of many functions and tasks with the goal of achieving more efficiency in everyday life.
Enables recording of keyboard presses and messages.
Enables the recording of dynamic functions, such as the capture of screen shots.
Allows for programming of several macros with a single, simple mouse click.
In addition to the software, a remote adapter is also available.

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What’s New in the?

► What is it?
Mobile Master RemoteType is a tool you can use to control your mobile phone remotely using your desktop computer.
► Why should I buy it?
Our personal mobile phone has now become a necessity for us. Sometimes we forget to charge the battery at night, but at work we find it difficult to charge it everywhere we go. Since your phone is your mobile extension and your mobile data connection, it is important to have a tool like Mobile Master RemoteType to help you manage your phone remotely.
► How does it work?
Mobile Master RemoteType is a software application that enables you to remotely use your mobile phone. It allows you to program and execute certain tasks automatically after you press a button on your desktop computer. For example, you can send a text message, start a video call, play a song or activate a call recording.
►What kind of phone can I control using Mobile Master RemoteType?
Mobile Master RemoteType is compatible with mobile phones running Microsoft Windows Phone OS, Sony Ericsson Android, Samsung Android and Symbian.
► Is Mobile Master RemoteType safe?
Yes, it is because it does not store anything on your computer and does not have access to your phone.
►Can I change the appearance of the application?
Yes you can. The background image can be changed to any image of your choice or the application can also be customized through a special User Interface.
►What is its price?
The price of Mobile Master RemoteType is $39.95.
► What others are saying about the application?
Mobile Master RemoteType is a great application and its price is very reasonable.
A one-time license is required for this tool, so you have a one-time chance to try and buy it for a limited period.
Mobile Master RemoteType is available for download on the Toolbox application.
You need a connection with the Internet to install and use the tool.
After a short and easy installation process the tool becomes ready to use.
Mobile Master RemoteType installation process:
► Download the installer of Mobile Master RemoteType
► Run the installer
► Download the one-time license and manually install it
► Launch Mobile Master RemoteType
The first time you launch the application the license key will be automatically entered.
Other programmable actions
Mobile Master RemoteType can perform additional actions not included in the list, for example:
► Dial a phone number to start a call
► Perform a search to find

System Requirements For Mobile Master RemoteType:

OS: Windows 7 SP1
Processor: Intel i3 1.5 GHz or AMD equivalent
Memory: 1 GB RAM
Hard Drive: 10 GB of free hard drive space
Graphics: Video card able to play 1080p HD videos
Additional Notes: C++ Compiler
Processor: Intel i3 1.8 GHz or AMD equivalent
Memory: 2 GB RAM
Hard Drive: 20 GB of free hard drive space
Graphics: Video