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MSEdgeRedirect is a small command line tool for Windows 10/8/7 that allows you to redirect the default browser of your choice with one single click.
It doesn’t need an interface as it’s designed on a simple set and forget principle.
It was built to work with Internet Explorer and Edge and other browsers but it seems that the new, controversial feature introduced by Microsoft into Windows 11 builds 22483 and 22494 blocks MSEdgeRedirect from working properly.
It is being reported that users that are not affected by this issue can still use it.
How to block the Microsoft Forcing Edge URL Link Using MSEdgeRedirect
To open the app in your System Tray, you can either follow the below instructions or download the shortcut for MSEdgeRedirect from the developer’s page.
Launch MSEdgeRedirect, and you will be presented with the app’s settings.
MSEdgeRedirect Settings
The defaults are fine and you can change them in the same panel if you wish.
Start the app, you will see that the app launched a command prompt.
MSEdgeRedirect Command Prompt
To open your default browser, type the following parameter in the command prompt:
“%appdata%\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Protocols\Open\command” -URL “%1”
For the browser you would like to open your URL with, you can replace the “%1” parameter with the URL you want to open.
In case you have multiple browsers installed, then the browser which is started first is your default one.
To use MSEdgeRedirect on Mac or Linux, it is recommended that you open it in your System Tray and not in the Launcher.
How to Removing Microsoft Forcing Edge in Windows 11 Builds 22483 and 22494

Here we are with a new tip that gives you a number of options to remove the new Microsoft forcing Edge feature in Windows 10.
Previously, we showed you how you can block the program from starting up and intercepting your system and URLs. But, can you really do that?
Turns out you can remove Edge from auto launching on Windows 10 – you don’t need to use a full blown third party tool to do so.
How to Remove Edge From Auto Launching on Windows 10
This is a simple procedure you can follow

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Open a given URL in your default browser:
– Edge is always the default browser.
– Running Edge is the default.
– Block Internet Explorer (IE) and all other browsers.
– Works with Windows 7, 8.1, 10 and Windows Server 2008R2.
– EXE file (32-bit).
– 10, 20, 25, 30 and 40 mb.
– One time operation.
As we’ve seen, there is no easy fix to Edge hijacking, but this utility could offer a workaround to that particular nuisance, especially if you’re stuck with the latest version of Windows.
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MSEdgeRedirect Free Download

MSEdgeRedirect is a small application for Windows 10 that watches all Edge processes and passes them to your default browser of choice.
While it may not be an “automated” way to accomplish this, it is a simple and quick fix.
This application monitors all the Edge processes and passes the open URLs to your default browser of choice.
You can use this program by right-clicking on an edge.exe process and choosing to “Open with…” and then selecting your default browser from the list.
This program is going to work the best with the stable builds as those have more recent security updates.
However, it should work with the current Insider builds as well.


It’s a simple application that only launches from the system tray. There is no interface to configure or adjust settings.
It’s completely open source and therefore, the source code is available on GitHub. You can also download it from here.

Using an app like this might not be the most “user friendly” way of doing it, but it should help you circumvent Microsoft’s decision and make the process a little more secure.
Note: This workaround works fine with all Windows 10 Insider build versions at the time of this writing. We recommend testing this app on a beta or release candidate build before going into production.Q:

What’s the difference between the “Common sense” tag and the “Common Questions” tag?

I was looking at my question list and I noticed the difference between the two tags:

Common sense – 1 question
Common Questions – 12

What is the difference between them? Is one of them a meta tag?


There’s only 1 question for common sense and for Common Questions there’s 12. This makes a difference for the search function and the combination of the tags.
Additionally, if you have an account on Stack Overflow (which I do, by the way), then common sense is under meta.

What’s New In MSEdgeRedirect?

MSEdgeRedirect is a tool that, unlike other similar tools, does not really have any UI. It simply launches your default browser and sets the browser to open all links you are accessing with the Edge browser in Windows 10 builds 22494 and newer.
How to download MSEdgeRedirect
You can download the app from the developer’s website, where you can also find a few other tools to explore.

Just wanted to give a quick update. It has been a long time since I first heard about the Windows 10 Anniversary Update and Edge hijacking changes. One thing I like a lot about my office is that it is updated more often than most people. Here is the update from today for those of you who want to know more about what went wrong.
Today’s Windows Update Blog
To learn more about why Windows 10 Anniversary Update is a major milestone for the future of Windows, you can read the blog we shared last year at
Today’s update includes:
Universal Windows Apps
Update your apps from the Windows Store. When you start an app for the first time, you’ll see that your apps look like any other app on your PC, and many of your settings will be synced.
The latest build of Windows 10 includes an updated version of the Windows Store so you can download apps from across Windows and across devices.
Tap the Windows logo in the upper left of any app’s window to access the Store. You can also search for and start the apps you’ve installed.
See the blog post at for more details on what’s new in the Store.
Edge Changes
We made some changes to the rendering engine to improve security, reliability, and performance.
Edge uses a new rendering engine called “Project Spartan”, which was originally designed for Windows 10.
Spartan updates security around memory and processing operations, which improves the overall security and stability of your computer.
As a result, your online browsing experience in Edge is faster and more secure.
Edge may behave differently if you’re using a Microsoft Account for your login.
If you’re using a Microsoft Account for your login, you may see a warning message and some changes when you sign in to websites.
Do any of these concerns sound familiar? If so, here is the link to the full details on what you can expect with the Windows 10 Anniversary Update. We’ll be seeing more of this in the weeks ahead, so be sure to check our Windows blog for updates.
If you are a Windows Insider, you can use the Insider Program to test the Windows 10 Anniversary Update for yourself

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