Novelty is a comprehensive software solution that can be used by both novices and professional visual novel developers to create unique games and stories that can contain numerous chapters and characters.
Compose your own visual novels
The interface is modern and well-organized, divided into several panels, such as story and action windows, asset library, and property inspector. It's recommended to study the help file before proceeding, in order to understand what each function does and how to properly create your story. Plus, you can opt for the template model to get familiarized with the options and how it looks like.
An extensive resource collection of pictures, portraits and sounds
The story pane comes with three distinct tabs that display the chapters, all the designed screens and the scene elements. Novelty comes with predefined characters, background pictures, sounds and scripts. However, it lets you import only images, bitmap fonts and audio files.
Design your own chapters and character personality
To add new items to your story, simply browse the asset library and choose the desired background, textures, objects (e.g. moon, actor), animations, and audio tracks. Each element may be customized from the property inspector. For example, an actor can be placed in the center or left, sent to the back, and introduced into the story by fading in or sliding.
Write complex dialogs and apply transition effects
From the bottom left corner of the window, the app lets you insert dialogs, waiting times and new characters, as well as show menus, change the backgrounds, shake the screen or a specific object. An item can be rotated, cropped, rescaled and flipped at any given time. To preview your work, just press the “Play” button situated in the upper toolbar. Last but not least, the project can be saved as NOV and XML files and exported as a stand-alone game.
Feature-rich visual novel creator
Taking everything into account, Novelty is a reliable application created to offer a professional method to design stunning visual novels and indie games with complex characters and unique dialogs.







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These days a player has options in order to choose the game of the year, and The Witcher 3 is definitely one of them. Of course, no matter the genre, it won’t be an easy choice for everybody. For starters, it is a complete open-world game with 100+ hours of game content. It’s also the first game of the series that lets you choose your own protagonist. And last but not least, the story is considered as one of the best of the year.

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Monster Truck Mayhem

What you need to know: Monster Truck Mayhem has to do with the new game mode that includes three teams. The first team is called Diamonds which consists of a level of four trucks on four different tracks. The second team is called Platinum which includes four trucks on four different tracks. And the third team is called Gold which includes four trucks on four different tracks. However, there is also a mode that has all the trucks on all the tracks at once, and finally, there is also a mode that has two teams of four trucks on six tracks.

The advantages: Monster Truck Mayhem will allow you to engage in the game of the trucks for a long time. You won’t have to spend a lot of time in the menus just to start the game, and it’s also quite fast. What’s more, all the trucks are controlled by the mouse, and it’s also quite easy to control them.

The cons: Monster Truck Mayhem could be a bit hard to start. For some of the reasons, we’ll tell you in the next point. It’s also important to keep in mind that you have to use the mouse in order to control the truck.

Key features: Monster Truck Mayhem is made up of two gameplay modes. In the first mode, you can play as the driver of one of the four trucks on four tracks that include highways and dangerous crossings. In the second mode, you can participate in the races as the drivers of the trucks that are in the first mode. In order to drive the trucks, you’ll need to use the mouse to move them.

Deus Ex Human Revolution: Director’s Cut

What you need to know: Deus Ex

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KEYMACRO is a Mac OS X application, which allows you to freely add functionality into your Apple key-based applications.
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KEYMACRO has an option to change the input and output of your applications. With this feature, you will be able to share your Apple key commands with your friends, family and colleagues.
KEYMACRO can do several things with your Apple keys. The list includes:
* New set of keyboard shortcuts that will make your life much easier.
* Ability to modify the default system shortcuts.
* Change the names and the attributes of the keys.
* Work with Apple key-based gestures.
* Integrate your Apple key with other MacOS X applications.
* Send the messages from your applications to other applications.
* Simulate keyboard keys.
* Work with multiple items.
* Repeat and undo actions.
* Speed up your work.
* Export the data.
* Simple interface.
* Works with Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard and later.
KEYMACRO Homepage:
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***WARNING: This App Contains Up To 15,000 Unique Images, 57,000 Bitmaps, 452 Audio Tracks and 6,000 Fonts!!!!!!***NOVELTY is a comprehensive visual novel and indie game making app for Windows. It’s the most powerful tool to create your own visual novel, indie game, escape games, puzzles, and more. With NOVELTY, you can create an all-new experience by using over 15,000 unique images, 57,000 unique bitmaps, 452 audio tracks, and 6,000 custom fonts. You can also create your own character models and apply hundreds of transition effects to customize the story.
PLEASE NOTE: The author of this app has created NOVELTY with a modern interface, powerful features, and a well-designed template model. You can still use a variety of custom skins to change the look of the application. There are many ways to create a visual novel, indie game, escape game, puzzler or whatever you can dream of. That being said, the author’s goal is to provide a free visual novel maker and indie game maker that can be used by novices and professional developers.
NOVELTY features
– A modern user interface
– 15,000+ unique images
– 57,000+ unique bitmaps
– 452 audio tracks
– 6,000+ custom fonts
– Working with script files in all major text editors and IDEs
– Working with image files in all major text editors and IDEs
– Working with video files in all major text editors and IDEs
– Working with audio files in all major text editors and IDEs
– Working with font files in all major text editors and IDEs
– 8 different chapters that can be added as additional chapters
– Characters that can be made into avatars and movie clips
– All scenes of your story have customizable properties and settings
– New chapters are easily added and removed by selecting them
– Characters can be added, removed, moved and rotated
– Create and change your own text dialogs and characters
– Write your own dialogs
– Create new characters from scratch or import existing ones
– Apply your own scene elements such as text, buttons, objects, animations, sliders, etc.
– Import images, bitmaps, fonts, and audio files
– Customize your characters by applying hundreds of transition effects
– Create your own story files and save them as any format you like
– Export your game files as a NO

What’s New In?

100% original
Novelty is a comprehensive solution to create visual novels and interactive stories with over 30 high quality items.
○ Template
In case you’re interested in creating visual novels, it is highly recommended to opt for the template model which comes with predefined characters, background pictures, sounds and scripts. This way you can be up and running right away and focus on polishing your own novel.
○ Assets Library
Novelty comes with predefined assets, such as characters, backgrounds, etc. However, you are allowed to import images, bitmap fonts and audio files.
○ Property Inspector
Use the property inspector to customize almost all aspects of your novel, including the preview (play button), chapter, dialogue and speaker windows, as well as settings of various resources.
○ Morph Script
In case you want to morph something during playback, you can use the morph script option. It works like a script that can transform an object during runtime, based on a number of conditions.
○ Scene Elements
Novelty offers a variety of scene elements, such as characters, dialogues, dialogues, landscapes and more, that are customizable. Each element may be customized from the property inspector. For example, a character can be placed in the center or left, sent to the back and introduced into the story by fading in or sliding.
○ Scene Transitions
Using transitions, you can animate various elements of your story, such as dialogues, characters, story windows, and more.
○ Video Editing
Using video editing options, you can change your background images and audio tracks.
○ Scene Recording
In case you want to make an interactive movie, you can record your story from the story window and later play it back using the movie player. This will be perfect if you want to give your visual novel a cinematic touch.
○ Versions
This app can be installed and used in 3 ways: on iOS, macOS, and Windows.

Kamikaze Koi is a story-driven visual novel developed by BigOtaku.
The official app was first released on 7/23/2020 and on the App Store. It is available in English and contains additional content not available in the browser version of the game.
The game is made with a variety of visual novel features including an animation editor, character designer, episode composer, and a multiple ending system.
# Features
-Story: The story takes place in a kingdom that is over 30 years old. Due to a series of events, you are given the chance to create a story. The background of the kingdom is inspired by the classic Japanese stories such as the Yamato, Noh, and Shin.
-Characters: You will be given a number of characters

System Requirements For Novelty:

– OS: Microsoft Windows 7 or later
– Processor: Intel or AMD processor
– Memory: 1 GB RAM
– Graphics: DirectX 9-compatible card
– Hard Drive: 20 GB of free space
– Sound Card: DirectX 9-compatible sound card
– Direct X 9.0c or later
– Microsoft Windows 7 or later
– Hard Drive: