If you work a day job but still can't make enough money to satisfy your needs, you might've heard about or are already familiar with the trading market and have at least a tiny clue about how it can help you increase your income.
However, like any other activity that requires you to invest money in it, trading stocks can be dangerous, as stocks can drop or sky-rocket from one minute to another. That's why you should hone your skills using specialized software solutions such as RapidSP Trading Simulator.
Simulates a trading environment
As its name strongly implies, this application can help you simulate a trading environment where you can practice your broker skills by freely selling or buying stocks and currencies, observing how your actions affect the market and take notes for when you're going to use real money.
The program displays a bunch of handy panes that can help you keep track of your profits and losses. The profit/loss display is automatically updated with every action you take since data is provided to you in real-time.
Supports various order types
RapidSP Trading Simulator comes with a lot of features that might be overwhelming for a novice user, especially since all the graphs, terms and figures are quite technical and require a bit of know-how or at least basic trading experience to be understood.
Among the order and stock chart display styles this program supports, you can find Market, Stop, Limit, Stop Limit, FOK, OCO, MIT, Candlestick, OHLC, HLC, OHLCV, Darvas Box, Renko, Kagi, 3D Candlesticks, Three Line Break, ZigZag, Equivolume, Candlevolume, Point & Figure and Shaded Equivolume.
Handy trading simulator for advanced users
All in all, RapidSP Trading Simulator is a handy app that can come in handy for the aspiring stock traders who want to perfect their broker skills in a safe environment. However, since most of the terms it comprises are quite specific, at least basic trading knowledge is required in order to make use of its functions completely.







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RapidSP is a trading simulator and financial charting software that enables you to create technical charts that will help you understand the financial trends and profit from them.
Whether you want to chart your own forex, stocks or futures, RapidSP is the tool that you need to make the most of your own investments.
It is designed to teach you the fundamentals of technical analysis, which is the trading system that lies behind the creation of all financial charts and therefore most successful trading strategies.
It is possible to draw various types of technical charts, including simple candlestick, bar chart, line chart, polar chart, and chart patterns.
Aside from technical charts, RapidSP can also generate various other types of graphs, including stock volume, time and price charts.
RapidSP boasts a number of innovative features. It is possible to set different time intervals, which enables you to concentrate on particular time frames, and you can save your charts as PDFs or send them directly to e-mail.
There are 2 FREE modes available: normal and technical analysis. The normal analysis mode is primarily focused on fundamentals, in which case you should be sure to set the correct trading time frame.
The technical analysis mode helps you draw technical and other financial charts based on technical indicators.
This means that you can draw the SMA, Bollinger Bands, MACD, Stochastic, ADX, RSI, Pitch, 2D, 2D Log, Elliott Wave, Parabolic, and convergence divergence lines.

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RapidSP Trading Simulator is an award-winning trading simulator that allows you to test all your technical and strategy skills in a simulator that shows how the real markets behave.
The app gives you the chance to practice technical analysis and learn technical trading strategies without risking any money. It features over 40 charts showing the financial markets in a live format.
If you are a student of Business Finance, you may find this application useful to test your skills before practicing on a real trading platform.

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System Requirements For RapidSP Trading Simulator:

* A bluetooth-enabled Mac or Windows device (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, Smart Watch, etc.) that you can pair to your computer. You can pair to any device that has bluetooth, so long as the device has firmware version 2.4 or later.
* A wired mouse for navigation purposes.
* A wired keyboard for input purposes.
* This is not a hardware tutorial. As such, this tutorial is limited in what it can teach you on the hardware side. Your Mac should