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Once you have the serial there are a couple of things that you can do to help you troubleshoot your own problem. One of the great things about serial numbers is that they are serial numbers and despite an off day theres always a serial number. So if your gun shoots and re-bores fine but won’t fire just because you put it on the table or it doesn’t want to load go to the serial number and work on something else. It’s a good idea to have an arsenal of ammunition on hand to troubleshoot with just in case there are more than one variables that affect the gun

Sintered metal is a harder, more durable and longer lasting type of powder. It offer twice the holding power or greater, so much more stock can be packed into a magazine, increasing your magazines life. Alternatively, it allows the ability to create high powered rifles with longer barrels and/or wider chambers. Sintered powder also allows a rigid chamber and prevents drifting in the barrel. Sintered powder also tend to be more expensive.

They will open the box immediately upon delivery and may have the proper paperwork. On the inside of the box will be a description of the gun and its’ specific characteristics. If you have heard of the specific gun before, you may have information about it on the Target Product Information sheet. This listing includes the specific company, model, parts and caliber.

The Short Barrel Rifle is a new type of short barrel Semi-automatic rifle being developed by OSVME. The concept of the Short Barrel Rifle (SBR) is to offer a cheaper, self-contained, 5-shot main battle rifle that would be ideal for shooters who have neither the cash nor the time to pursue development of a custom build. The design lives in the same XM21 hotel and ranges as the XM8 SSR, an undersize modernized variant of the G-36, and can be supplied with the same parts.