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REMProf Download With Full Crack is a command-line utility designed to remove local user profiles that are not currently used by the system. It can be manually activated from a console window or automatically by setting it as a scheduled task. The tool contains several useful switches to customize preferences.
The advantages of console apps
While most users resort to graphical interfaces to better understand the purpose and options of a software application, some of them still prefer console programs because they only need to write a few lines to get the job done quickly and without complicating themselves with graphical elements.
What’s more, most command-line utilities (like this one) do not require installation, so they can be saved to any part of the disk or external drives to be treated as portable apps.
Get a list of all user profiles
REMProf is capable of displaying a list of all user profiles which are not currently in use. It supplies you with several filters for deletion. For example, you can delete all profiles based on the user name or just the ones which do not have a user name association (including abandoned profile folders).
Exclude any names from deletion
It is also possible to eliminate profiles by taking into account their age, as well as to exclude specific users (one or several) by writing their names. If there are no parameters established, REMProf deletes all unused profiles by default.
Evaluation and conclusion
No error dialogs were shown in our tests, and the software utility did not hang or crash. It leaves a small footprint on system resources and eliminates user profiles rapidly and without any issues. All in all, REMProf serves its purpose and should meet the requirements of users preferring console apps to graphical interfaces.
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Prevent computer systems from acting as Wi-Fi hot spots or routers is not something new, but there are a few (free) tools designed to help.
This article provides information on programs designed to prevent computers from being used as Wi-Fi hotspots. It includes several options and lets you define the exceptions as well as run a diagnostic.
Prevent Wi-Fi hotspot on home network
AVG Internet Security (browser add-on) includes a number of options to prevent Wi-Fi hotspots on home networks. AVG has a pre-defined list of computers that are allowed to act as Wi-Fi hotspots (and a few exceptions). It can be set to disable any computer which is not on the list or change the configuration when a machine gets added

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KEYMACRO is a free tool to be used with keystrokes in Windows to assign keys to actions. With this program, you can automate a mouse click or type an action to perform one or several operations with a few lines of code.
Actions performed by KEYMACRO
KEYMACRO is capable of executing a few actions without wasting any system resources.
Create shortcuts
Keystrokes can be assigned to shortcuts. These shortcuts can be created on the desktop, in a specific folder, on a specific network drive, or at a fixed path in the windows environment.
Run command line programs
You can create shortcut to any command line program. It is possible to add a parameter to launch a program with a batch of arguments (in this case, the batch of arguments would be the path to the program executable) or to launch the program straight from the console window.
Open the start menu
You can also create shortcuts to the Start Menu (Win+R). You can set the behavior for this operation by choosing among three possible options: always open with the path to the program (e.g. C:\Windows\System32\rundll32.exe someprogram.dll,someargs), open automatically when the computer starts up (c:\windows\system32\rundll32.exe %1,someargs), or open automatically when the program is opened (c:\windows\system32\rundll32.exe %1,someargs,arguments).
Link to a file or drive
You can also create shortcuts that point to a file or drive. The file path will be determined by the contents of a text file (the default), a regular expression to match a file name (a more complex expression), or a hardcoded value.
You can also specify a drive letter or mount point to create a shortcut to that drive.
Keystrokes added to windows environment
You can also create shortcuts which are configured to automatically open a program when the computer starts or an error occurs, or at a specific time in the day.
Data feed integration
KEYMACRO is also capable of connecting to RSS feeds and alerting users when new items are available. The RSS feeds are loaded through the Internet, while the system sounds are chosen by the user.
Integrated with Microsoft Internet Explorer
KEYMACRO is a client-side tool so it is a part of Microsoft Internet Explorer, and it is not required to run in the background.

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What’s New In REMProf?

RemProfile Manager is a program used to delete all user profiles that are not currently in use. The application was thoroughly evaluated for its effectiveness. The evaluators found a wide range of functionality which makes RemProfile Manager a valuable tool for all Windows users. It includes a unique ability to automatically delete user profiles after a specific period of time. With this, REMProfile Manager creates a system of security which puts a full stop to unwanted users.
RemProfile Manager includes some useful features which make it a product you need to have on your PC. The main application functionality is based on its installation. You should have at least a version of Windows 7 in order to run the tool. Moreover, the program works better with Windows Server.
Scheduled tasks
The program is capable of running automatically as a scheduled task. This is the perfect way of ensuring that the application runs automatically after reboot. At the same time, a user would not need to take notice of when RemProfile Manager was run for the first time. They will just need to allow for its execution when they start their PC.
RemProfile Manager does not display a user interface. The user cannot view the set of profiles which the tool is currently cleaning and the list of users which are going to be deleted from the PC. Nevertheless, the utility has a wide range of features which make it a highly capable application. You should make a thorough analysis of all these options in order to get a real picture of RemProfile Manager's capabilities.
Delete unused user profiles
This is one of the most important functions of RemProfile Manager. This tool eliminates all profiles that are no longer in use, and therefore, you will not be able to access them. After removal, no trace of the profiles will remain on your system. The process is as simple as it is effective, and therefore, it is worth a try.

GetFileInfo is a tool that helps Windows users find out the information about files and folders on their computer. It lists all file properties in various formats, and can display contents of all used items and file extensions. The program is easy to operate. It allows to work with files with all the required attributes, from the list of all files. When the list of all folders or subfolders is displayed, you can save your time in searching files on the PC. You can make the application work by itself, and set preferences as needed.
GetFileInfo Description

GetFileInfo is a program

System Requirements For REMProf:

Mac OS X: 10.10.3 or later (10.12.3 or later recommended)
Processor: Intel Core i5 3.3GHz or equivalent
Memory: 2 GB RAM
Graphics: Intel HD 4000 or Radeon HD 5000 or equivalent (AMD HD 6000 or equivalent recommended)
Hard Drive: 30 GB free space for installation
Internet connection
Sound Card: Onboard sound card recommended
Additional: 64-bit browser version of Adobe Flash Player (preferred)