Whether it’s on your phone, tablet or digital camera, a memory card can face multiple errors and malfunction which can lead to data loss. RescuePRO is a utility designed to help you backup your data or recover it from various types of cards should anything go wrong.
Recover all kinds of files
With RescuePRO, it’s easy to restore photos, audio and video files along with any other format that is generally used. The application enables you to recover data from an external device or from a mounted IMG file that is located on your computer.
You can recover three main categories of data, ‘Photos’, ‘Audio/Video’ and ‘All Files’. Beyond this selection, you have no other control over what type of content you search for. So for example, if you want to locate photos in PNG format, you have to wait until the application scans the entire drive for all possible image types as there is no kind of filtering.
On the plus side, RescuePRO offers you the possibility to preview all the recovered images so you know when you find the right one. This feature works well for video files and songs that have embedded thumbnail frames or cover art but when it comes to recovering all file types (ZIP, DLL, etc), it won’t do you much good.
Create a backup
Besides the recovery function, RescuePRO also makes it possible to backup important data and store it in an IMG file. Just like with recovery, you can store any file type and use the same application to extract them when needed.
User-friendly interface
RescuePRO displays a more than comprehensive interface with its core functions available as large buttons in the same window. Ease of use is also present when browsing through the discovered files, as they are displayed in a scrollable list.
A practical memory card recovery tool
It might not offer you much in terms of a user-defined search, but it is a thorough tool that can recover just about any file, and being able to do so should top the time you spend locating it in the results list.


Download >>> https://urluss.com/2mxcuc

Download >>> https://urluss.com/2mxcuc






RescuePRO Free

Faced with a memory card malfunction, RescuePRO Free Download can quickly free data from a variety of devices. The PC repair program can recover data from the SD, MMC, CF, XD and even USB memory devices. All you have to do is plug the memory card into the computer and Cracked RescuePRO With Keygen will help you load it.
Key features:
– Reads and writes all memory card formats.
– Real-time scanning.
– Auto-detection.
– Automatic scan: all USB flash drives.
– Automatic memory card detection: all SD, MMC, CF and XD memory cards.
– Extracts lost files.
– Extracts audio, image, video and documents.
– Extracts COM, FAT16, FAT32 and NTFS files.
– Extracts EXE, DLL, CAB, RAR, JPEG, BMP, TIF, GIF, DOC, PDF and ZIP files.
– Extracts MP3, WAV, WMA, OGG and MPEG files.
– Extracts EXE, DLL, CAB, RAR, ZIP, JPEG, BMP, TIF, GIF, DOC, PDF and MPEG files.
– Extracts Outlook contacts.
– Extraction of password-protected files.
– Supports Unicode text.
– Complete file inspection.
– Preview of all data recovered.
– Quick restore option.
– Extreme speed – lightning fast.
– Automatic encryption.
– Installation is extremely easy.
– Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1 and 10.
– Free trial edition.
– Multiple languages.
– The latest update of the RescuePRO Activation Code program.
– Supports Windows 7, 8 and 10.
– The latest version of the RescuePRO Serial Key program.

PS Backup Pro is a multifunctional backup and recovery software that can store, secure and restore entire user data, from the operating system, applications and other important files for all versions of Windows.
PS Backup Pro Description:
PS Backup Pro is an easy to use backup solution with many powerful features. It can restore to or create backups with the click of a button, protect photos, videos and other files with a password, or automate backups based on custom date/time schedules.
“One-Click” auto update feature is sure to keep your data safe. PS Backup Pro can be customized to perform backups, such as personal files, entire computer, individual folders or even

RescuePRO Incl Product Key Free Download

Recover all kinds of files and backup your data, even if you have lost all photos, music or videos.
RescuePRO supports over 40 different file formats.
RescuePRO can extract all types of data including photos, music, documents, spreadsheets, games and anything else you might have on your device’s hard drive.
The file recovery tool could also work on a memory card. A simply select the file or folder on the file explorer and the tool will start the recovery process.

RescuePRO will scan and recover the picture files that are stored on your phone or tablet device. It not only recovers the pictures but also gives you the chance to preview them after the scan has finished.
This tool does not only support Android phones/tablets but also the iPhone and iOS devices.
The best part of the application is that you don’t need to upload your pictures to a computer to recover them. That is why this software can be used to recover your pictures no matter where they have been previously stored on the device.
If the picture was recently shot or you need to recover it fast, you can also use the “Preview Image”. This feature allows you to preview images and photos in other formats including JPEG, PNG and BMP.
In addition to the preview function, the application can also recover the picture files and allows you to remove them from your device after the scan has completed.

RescuePRO is an application to recover pictures that have been deleted from phones, tablets or computers. The application will scan the memory card or the internal memory to find the pictures and display them in a list.
You will be able to preview the pictures after the scan has been completed by using the “Preview Image” feature.
You can also remove the recovered photos from the memory card or device after the scan has been completed.
In addition to the preview function, you can also view the pictures that have been recovered in other formats including JPEG, PNG and BMP.
RescuePRO on Google Play
RescuePRO is available on Google Play.
What are the file formats that can be recovered with RescuePRO?
The application can be used to recover the files in almost all formats including:
– JPEG 2000


RescuePRO Crack Registration Code

An award winning product, RescuePRO was created to be the most useful, reliable and powerful recovery tool in the world. RescuePRO is the software of choice for thousands of professionals worldwide, and is the only tool that can reliably recover the most common file types on most of the current operating systems. It is especially designed to recover files from all kinds of memory cards (SD and SDHC/HC cards, Compact Flash, CF cards, Memory Stick cards, etc.).
Deterministic Data Recovery for All Memory Cards:
One of the newest features of RescuePRO 8 includes a deterministic storage of found file headers. RescuePRO 8 now gives you the ability to see which files are recovered, and which files are not. This feature is a great way to efficiently recover data on your cards, as you can only see the files that have been recovered.
Limits a Disk Space Consumption:
When using the built-in recovery function, RescuePRO will eat up as much disk space as possible in order to find files on the memory card. It will not save the files in order not to use up precious space. Because of this, the space used by files after recovery is never bigger than the available space on the memory card (without any over-allocation).
No “Hole Punching”:
RescuePRO never “hits” data areas but only tries to retrieve the files from the memory card like a vacuum cleaner.
Scan All File Types:
RescuePRO can scan all memory cards so that it can recover any possible type of file.
RescuePRO Features:
• A fast data recovery tool that even works with SDHC/HC cards
• Saves images in several sizes
• Supports all popular operating systems, including Windows NT, Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10
• Supports all file extensions like: JPEG, JPEG 2000, PNG, GIF, BMP, TIF, TGA, TIFF, RAR, ZIP, EEPX, HDS
• Supports all popular compression formats like: ZIP, RAR, LZH, BZIP2, RAR, ARJ, CAB, UUE, XZ, TAR, ACE, GZIP, ZOO, LZMA, PEL, LZMA2, Z, BZIP2
• Supports all popular file systems such as FAT, FAT32, NTFS, MBR, MBFS, NTFS, MO

What’s New In?

Recover all kinds of files from anywhere on any type of memory card, USB device, digital camera or camera. Store all recovered files or only the wanted ones.

RescuePRO Description:
Recover all kinds of files from anywhere on any type of memory card, USB device, digital camera or camera. Store all recovered files or only the wanted ones.


RescuePRO Description:
Recover all kinds of files from anywhere on any type of memory card, USB device, digital camera or camera. Store all recovered files or only the wanted ones.


Memory Card Recovery for Windows 10 Free Download PC

RescuePRO for Windows 10 Free Download has been developed by A1 Technology.

What’s New in RescuePRO 6.0

Updated to take advantage of the Windows 10 environment

New Skin

RescuePRO Key Features:

Recovers all kind of files

You can recover photos, audio and video files

You can restore files from a memory card, USB device, digital camera or camera

Support for formatted and unformatted files

Recover files from almost any type of memory card

Support for both Windows and Mac operating systems

Ability to restore a backup created with RescuePRO

User-friendly interface

RescuePRO free supports Windows 10

RescuePRO Windows 10 Free Download is free to use and has been installed on 50,000+ computers. If you find it useful and wish to offer us financial support, please consider donating.Q:

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System Requirements For RescuePRO:

Minimum system requirements are as follows:
Processor: Intel Celeron 3008 @ 2.13GHz Processor
Graphics Card: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050 2GB or equivalent AMD equivalent
Software: Windows 7, 8, or 10, DirectX 9.3
Windows 10 S will be required for the exclusive pre-registration feature