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Category:1966 births. This idea is, however, is by no means new. In 1975, Robin Mackay published his influential monograph of the Church of Scotland, the Church That Was, which rejected the Nicaean Creed in favour of a definition based largely on the Latin Vulgate. His argument, as he acknowledged, is not so much in favour of a particular creed as in favour of the creeds, which was an important early reform movement in the 16th century. According to Mackay’s biblical hermeneutics, the creedal propositions of the Nicaean Creed were neither doctrinally relevant nor scripturally justified, whereas the Creeds of the reformed Churches were. Mackay’s writings helped to contribute to the controversies which arose after the Scottish Reformation, but he was rather misunderstood by the result.

Protestantism in post-Reformation Europe

Protestantism’s relationship with regard to Catholic conciliarism was somewhat complicated, and the motivations of many Protestants in the Reformation movement were mixed. The first principle of the Protestant Reformation movement was the desire for a return to the teachings of the early church. Therefore, in their attitudes towards ecclesiology, the Reformers stood in opposition to conciliarism, since they considered the papacy to be a demonic institution. In addition, the Protestants rejected papal jurisdiction over matters of faith and morals. Nevertheless, in some forms of Reformed tradition, elements of conciliarism or papal supremacy did come to be incorporated.

Though Martin Luther pointed out that the papacy was a problem that needed to be addressed in his remonstrances against corrupt churches, he also argued that the gospel itself called for the reform of the papacy: “Let them take their position, whoever they are, the popes or the councils. But as for us, we will follow Christ, who commands us to obey no one except Christ, who is the head of all authority, because he was manifested before them all.” The view that the reform of the papacy was a component of the gospel itself was found in the Augsburg Confession, which declared the general principle that “the truths of the Christian faith are to be believed, taught, and held by the whole church” and “that in matters


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IMOGEN: an international multicenter retrospective study of 452 patients with liver cirrhosis of viral etiology: Model for End-Stage Liver Disease score, Child-Pugh classification and MELD Score performance.
To determine the performance of Model for End-Stage Liver Disease (MELD), Child-Pugh, and MELD Score in predicting spontaneous bacterial peritonitis (SBP) and 30-day mortality in the context of more recent data on SBP and 30-day mortality. We performed a retrospective analysis on a global cohort of 452 patients with liver cirrhosis of viral etiology. The predictive value of MELD score, Child-Pugh, and MELD Score for SBP and 30-day mortality were determined. Thirty-five patients were diagnosed with SBP, whereas 117 patients died within 30 days from admission. In a univariate logistic regression model, SBP and 30-day mortality were positively associated with the MELD Score (odds ratio [OR], 1.23; 95% confidence interval [CI], 1.17-1.28; P