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Rslinx Classic V2 57 For Windows 7 Download

the brand new version of rslinx, v2, is now available from the manufacturer’s website at rockwell automation . this is a complete rewrite of the program, and it is the most up-to-date version available. if you have an older version of rslinx, you can buy a license for the new version. the newer version allows for more features and the ability to program rockwell products through opc ua.

as you may know, rsjava is the platform used by rslinx v2 to create and run programs. rsjava is an independent, open-source programming interface for rockwell automation products. rsjava is installed on the user’s computer, and the user needs to have a licensed copy of their rockwell automation plc software, prior to being able to use the program. clicking on the download link at the top of this page will download the latest version of the rsjava application to your computer.

the first version of rslinx i tested was a beta version released in 2008. in 2009 i wrote a short review in my blog, and i was very pleased with the program. i started using it for my ra projects and even developed a few of my own extensions for it, mostly by using third-party softwares. however, rslinx did not seem to have any support, and the rockwell website was not updated and only had links to an old version of the v2.

note: this article has the information for the lite version. there is another article on the knowledgebase from 2010 that has the instructions for the other versions available, but they have not been updated in a very long time.

2. rslinx classic single node:this is a licensed version of rslinx classic that installs with rockwell plc programming software like studio 5000 or connected components workbench. it provides communication for this software to talk to plcs for use in flashing firmware, troubleshooting, and programming. since it requires a license, you must purchase one from the rockwell software license center or download a trial version from the pcdc.

rslinx classic v2 is by far one of the most robust real time controllers on the market. with its advanced programming options, it’s very useful for plc applications and in any application where you want to be able to update plc firmware. v2 offers a wealth of new features and the first major upgrade to classic since 1999 including; new remote commandfuzzer software
rslinx classic lite was updated on august 7, 2015 with more features. if you used the previous version, it will download a new update. if you do not need to install rslinx on a lot of plcs, you might want to check out classic lite. you can download it from rslinx’s website or, you can use the rlsoi links below:
now the download will begin and from the update, you can simply follow the prompts. you will simply be asked for your confirmation as to whether or not you want to install, and you will then be sent to a screen where you can install the software. you will be given the option to download an installer. this is the latest version for windows 7.
if you happen to have any issues installing the software from the setup file then you can just make a start here and i will help you through it. the process may have changed slightly as the site is being updated, so check this out before you try to install from the setup file.
keep yourself in the loop by joining the linkedin group if you have not already. there is a lot of help and information in there. i will be posting more videos soon so keep yourself in the loop by joining the facebook group too.
while the rslogix 500 software is available for purchase, we have yet to see a need for it. we have simply not needed anything beyond the good old old emulator. there are a couple of bugs in the software and a couple of features that we will need to address with future releases. micrologix has been making some great developments with their software and we are happy with their response to some of the bugs and feature requests. if you use the rslogix 500 software to complete your work i would highly recommend it. i tested it by using the example code that is included in the emulator and it was super easy. so if you are just starting out working with a plc then purchasing the software is a great option. now i will show you how to install the emulator.