A Windows-based system plus a web server, and you need to publish a simple railroad /  bus /  flights timetable, this program may help you.
There are two binary files, one to create the database your site will depend on, and one to perform the actual search.
Get Simple Timetable Manager and give it a try to fully assess its capabilities!









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Simple Timetable Manager is a database driven, multi-user, web based,
timetable and bus/railway timetable management system.

Simple Timetable Manager focuses on being easy to use, flexible and

With support for:

Bus timetables – for those wishing to create a timetable for a bus company.
Railway timetables – for those wishing to create a timetable for a railway company.
Multiple Companies and lines – save your data for more than one company in more than one timetable type.
Unlimited users – add as many users as you like, each with their own login details and timetable saved in a MySQL database.
Modules – the site can be easily customized to save hours on your timetable design time.

Download Simple Timetable Manager


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First you will need some coding and a decent coder that can follow your instructions.
It takes a bit of setup in Zope 3, but they have some quickstart tutorials to get you going.
It is not easy to use a CMS like WordPress, Joomla, etc. on your own.

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Simple Timetable Manager For PC

Simple Timetable Manager provides a easy way for large corporations with many offices around the world to create an online timetable system which allows users to search and access timetables for all their locations.
Simple Timetable Manager accepts the following data for each station and/or route:
i. The station name (to be displayed at the entry)
ii. The route name (to be displayed at the station choice screen)
iii. The station code (which may be defined to be hidden for security reasons)
iv. The route code (which may be defined to be hidden for security reasons)
The following station and/or route data is optional:
i. The route number (to be displayed at the entry)
ii. The drop-off date
iii. The pick-up date
iv. The driving distance
v. The driving time
vi. The details about the next stop (e.g. address, time, etc.)
This optional data will be displayed when the drop-off and/or pick-up dates are selected on the timetable screen.
The following data is also optional:
i. The distance to the next stop.
The interface for listing routes and timetable boards is very straightforward.
a. A list of all the routes defined in the timetable system will be displayed.
b. Each route’s parameters (all the above optional station and/or route data) will be displayed, in order.

The specifications for the system are as follows:
i. The location of the system is on the local computer (i.e., system configuration is on the local computer).
ii. The contents of the ‘Windows registry’
iii. The location of the ‘IIS’
iv. The user’s password
v. The command line
vi. The SQL Server connection string
vii. The path to the database (‘\timetable\timetable.mdb’)
viii. The path to the data files (‘\timetable\timetable.data’)
The above specification details were all worked out to ensure that the system can be installed on all of the following platforms:


Realbasic is a cross platform language that runs on multiple platforms.

First time, first time lucky

To put it bluntly, I love to write. Now that I have my degree, I’ve been motivated to put the skills I got in school to good use and write my first

Simple Timetable Manager Crack+ For Windows

Welcome to Simple Timetable Manager! This is a very simple program made to show the user how many trains, buses and flights are available at a specific station, at a specific time, on the specific day(s). The web based version of this program will be published when a new time table is created to show the required information, and its main purpose is to make it easier for the user to create a timetable manually. It doesn’t manage any timetables itself, and there is no.php file that would manage the data, or whatever data should be imported from any service you’d like to have. This program is purely a front end.
Here are the things that you can do with this program:
-Display for a specific station the number of trains, and buses that are coming and going at a specific time, and the day(s) when this is done.
-Display for a specific station the number of trains, and buses that are coming and going at a specific time, and the day(s) when this is done.
-Display for a specific station the number of trains, and buses that are coming and going at a specific time, and the day(s) when this is done.
-Display for a specific station the number of trains, and buses that are coming and going at a specific time, and the day(s) when this is done.
-Display for a specific station the number of trains, and buses that are coming and going at a specific time, and the day(s) when this is done.
-Include the website in a web page.
The program is written in Microsoft Visual Basic. A Windows and a web server are required to work. This program will load the data directly from the web server, and write it to its.txt file, so please write it properly.
The program will display the results in a list. The user can then use the “Search” button to see trains, buses and planes which are available at the selected station. The number of trains, buses and planes must be enough for the selected day(s). The search must be exact for all this information to be displayed, if you want it to search in a specific time, please include the time in the search. The user must select the day(s) from which he wants to obtain the data using the “Select” button. This button will open a dialog where the user can select the day(s) from which he wants to obtain the information

What’s New in the?

Simple Timetable Manager is a Windows based software that creates railway or bus timetables from any PDF file.
For railway timetables it is also possible to create a PDF file from the given data.
Whether its railway or bus, Simple Timetable Manager allows you to edit both the timetable and the data.
The data is stored in a DBF file but there is no limit to how many tables you can use.
You can create a timetable for one coach or a whole network (international or national).
The timetable can be printable or you can export it to PDF or other formats.
The data can be used in your timetable.

Simple Timetable Manager Features:
Allows Railway / Bus/ Airport timetables to be edited.
Allows unlimited tables to be used.
You can use Arabic, English, Persian, Hebrew or other languages.
You can have any number of chapters and a library of samples.
You can add your own timetable to the database.
Print or export to PDF
You can use a local or a remote server.
You can use FTP or different protocols.
Saves timetable to a DBF file, provided that the DBF driver is installed

The software was tested in English, French and Arabic. Some files may be only in Arabic, others only in French etc

Simple Timetable Manager will be available at
If you have any ideas or suggestions about this software, please feel free to contact me.

Software development is provided for free to those who need it. If you want to have it on your website, just ask for the authorisation.

Source code of this software is available at

Software download and installation instruction:

Just unzip the software and double click the “SimpleTimetableManagerSetup.exe” to install it.
You will be asked to specify the directory where you wish to install the software.

Unzip the software and copy the database-file to your computer’s C:\Program Files\SimpleTimetableManager\ directory.

In Windows 2003 or higher, it is possible to use the manager’s GUI or use it from command line. For other versions, use an  Open Shell Command window (Start -> Run -> cmd).  Change directory (cd \Program Files\SimpleTimetableManager\). Run the installer

System Requirements For Simple Timetable Manager:

Memory: Minimum of 4 GB RAM
Windows XP, Vista, 7 (32-bit), 8, 8.1, 10
Processor: 1GHz dual-core processor or equivalent
Storage: 2GB available space
Graphics: 1GB video RAM
Sound card: DirectX 9.0-compatible sound card
Internet connection
All platforms
XBOX 360
Playstation 3
Xbox one
Windows 7
Windows 8/8.1/10
Playstation 4