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Snes9x Gx Cover Mod


Snes9x cover mod. From FCE Ultra Gx 0.8.0 to the new version,. A collection of 18 awesome snes cover art mods and cheats.

Dec 28, 2018
Yves writes:
I see this on forums every now and then, but I’ve never understood the theory behind it. I understand that, for example, if I:
Create a palette of 8 colors and (poorly) assign the 0th pixel to red, the 1st pixel to blue, the 2nd to green, etc, I can set up the emulator to display any of these palettes as a different, pseudo-palette.
However, it seems like what they mean is that this would change the palette of the actual ROM, not the app that is displayed by the emulator. If I create a palette of 64 colors, how do I know that my emulator is displaying it’s internal palette with this palette, and not the ROM’s internal palette with it.

Mar 27, 2018
WYJWYT is the way to go, in order to change the Super Mario Bros. 2 cover in SNES9X-GX! The cover of the game is directly linked with the palette to edit, this means the cover can be changed from a palette!
This means that you can replace Mario Bros. 2’s cover from a palette of your choosing.
Here you will find a Changelog of the support for the Wii, with a backup of all the files.
The support for the Wii will change in this version.
You can now install the cover mod to Super Mario Bros. 2 in the Wii section of SNES9X-GX.
This mod will allow to change Mario Bros. 2’s cover from a palette.
New Super Mario Bros. Wii does not support the mod, as the changes are already made on the code.
Download version 2.1.1 for this version: [link].
Download version 2.1.0 for this version: [link].
Download version 2.0.0 for this version: [link].
Download version 2.0.2 for this version: [link].
Download version 2.0.1 for this version: [link].
Download version 2.0.0 for this version: [link].
Download version 2.0.1 for this version: [link].
Download version 2.0.0 for this


The covers come in pairs and are .
A cool feature of this mod is that each ROM is packed with both a cheats folder and a snes9x folder and the same cheats folder…
Nov 9, 2018
SNES9xGx has many features but it lacks an upscaler to make the covers look better than they would have if the images were all 256×256. You may have read or heard that there was a program for the Wii called  .
Nintendo, EAD (Nintendo) .
Nes9x Gx Cover Mod / Cover Mod V1: RS422_IoTNG_2012, 2019-07-08 15:11, 35.3M.
Snes9x-Gx covermod (manual) provided by Snes9xGx’s author
Snes9x-Gx is a very powerful emulator for SNES games on the Wii, and can perfectly run all games from the Nes9x…val)

if (lock)
lockdep_add_constraint(attr, &name->lockdep_constraint);
lockdep_remove_constraint(attr, &name->lockdep_constraint);

for (c = 0; c type->ctypes; c++)
type = &type->ctype[c];

/* Skip all attributes we’re not going to fill in */
if (type == &a_uninitialized ||
type == &a_open ||
type == &a_accessible)

type_attr = type->type_attr;
if (!type_attr)

if (name->type == &a_uninitialized)
type_attr->type_uninitialized = 1;

if (name->type == &a_accessible) {
type_attr->type_accessible = 1;
if (flags & FAUTURESET) {
type_attr->type_flags |= TYPE_ACCESSIBLE;
type_attr->type_flags |= TYPE_ALLOC



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