Spot Process Separation Studio T

if you answer all of these questions with a yes, then you should definitely get a paid separation software and a paid print creation software. if the final answer to these questions is no, then a paid software is not necessary.

keep in mind, you may need to spend several hours to tweak the color separation process and to create the print. at the end of the day, you need to answer whether the money you are spending is worth the time you spent.

this is the same software as the previous software except a.pdf version is also available. they are both right-to-left and left-to-right separations. the first software separates the colors to the left and the other software is right-to-left. this software is definitely easier to work with if you are more familiar with a left-to-right workflow and dont like the looks of the color flow or pattern.

sep studio prints are exported as an intermediate format, so you can either upload directly to your desktop or you can use some other software to convert the.eps files to other file types or some image editor software to edit the.eps file directly. the sep studio prints exported from sep studio are 8-bit images. for this reason, we recommend using adobe photoshop (or another suitable image editor) to edit the sep studio prints. for more information on editing sep studio prints for your desktop using photoshop, follow this link . you can download the sep studio prints for free directly from the sep studio website .

no limitation on the number of colors, shades, and layers
choices are compatible with many different design software
compatible with a large number of different print rips including emerald (accurip)
separation is a pixel accurate and its easy to see the colors channel using the trick of the color wheel

the software features a few different methods to create jpeg’s, photoshop’s rgb channel and adobes cmyk channel. these methods work but the quality of the output is dependent on the rip. refer to the sep studio website for a guide on how to install the sep studio prints software on your computer and produce quality and fast results.
pros: separation of the colors is pixel accurate no need to make spot adjustment compatible with many different print rips separation can be directly imported to printing software such as adobe photoshop
cons: quality is not consistent on sep studio prints exported to photoshop, its dependent on the rip that exported the sep studio prints (inkseps is not compatible with photoshop) sep studio prints are limited to 8-bits, so they need to be converted to photoshop for further processing (or exported to the photoshop file format.psd)
sep studio nxt 2.0 is a significant upgrade over its predecessor. the user interface has been completely redesigned with an entirely new ui, and a new and expanded workflow. new wizards have been added, allowing for very quick and easy separation, design, and printing. the sep studio nxt workflow is available in 4 basic modes: preview print-preview (test mode) print-preview (mode 2) print
it even helps to understand the prices if you buy separation studio with accurip once and then, at a later time, you can buy separation studio with accurip without a special deal. a monthly subscription license or a yearly subscription is valid for 1 year, while a monthly or annual subscription is valid for 12 months.