SX Blocker Suite consists of a collection of tools that aim to improve access control, allowing you to block a list of websites and social networks, as well as to lock the USB ports of your computer.
While the applications comprised in the suite are available as separate downloads, SX Blocker Suite is a more powerful asset, as it combines the essentials that any user needs in order to gain full control over the system.
Facebook Blocker and Instant YouTube Blocker will restrict access to Facebook and YouTube, an aid for parents who want to keep their children away from distractions.
For users who want to put an embargo on multiple pages at the same time, Simple Website Blocker is even more appropriate, being able to restrict a custom list of websites.
Moreover, Smart Windows App Blocker is able to block access to any application; all you need to do is provide the path to it or alternatively to drag and drop it in the list, then to press the ‘Block’ button.
Further protection is offered by Windows USB Blocker, a very easy-to-use program that can lock USB ports (aside from keyboard, mouse and BlueTooth) and thus prevent anyone from connecting an external Flash drive or HDD to your computer.
Last, but not least, Google Ad Blocker, is not an access control utility, but manages to provide a more comfortable browsing experience by blocking Google advertisements.
Overall, the suite is helpful and easy to operate, but some of the utilities bundled inside it would be more reliable if they were password protected, so as to prevent others from accessing them and changing the settings.







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SX Blocker Suite Crack

Facebook Blocker and Instant YouTube Blocker
– Block access to Facebook and YouTube- Create a list of sites to block for particular user (e.g., test, family and friends)
– Allows to block websites globally for all users or just for a single user
Simple Website Blocker
– Block access to several websites on your computer
Smart Windows App Blocker
– Block access to a specific application
Windows USB Blocker
– Block a particular USB device from being added
Google Ad Blocker
– Block Google search from appearing on websites
SX Blocker Suite Crack Mac User Interface
Once you’ve installed the block list and selected the user you want to apply it to, SX Blocker Suite For Windows 10 Crack will be listed under ‘Control Panel’ or ‘Control Panel > Users’.
From there, you can block any application, website or social media network listed within it.
SX Blocker Suite Crack For Windows App Features
1,200,000+ User Data
“It’s hard to find a faster and better block tool.” – WindowsUpdate Magazine
With over 1,200,000 paid ratings and reviews, SX Blocker is the most trusted access control tool.
Easy to use, single clicks, block websites, applications and social media.
SX Blocker Suite Crack Keygen User Guide
Unlock all features of the software with a link to our website. This guide has 12 steps to create a simple, secure, and efficient network for your computer.
Software Installation and Activation
Please refer to the following screenshots.
The software will be completely safe and secure. You will have to activate it through the link given to you.
Download SX Blocker Suite Crack For Windows

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SX Blocker Suite Registration Code

It is a combination of Facebook Blocker, Instant YouTube Blocker, Simple Website Blocker, Simple Windows App Blocker, Windows USB Blocker and Google Ad Blocker, comprising a total of 5 separate applications, but can all be accessed from a single interface.
Facebook Blocker, Instant YouTube Blocker, Simple Website Blocker, Simple Windows App Blocker and Windows USB Blocker are, as they are named, apps that restrict access to Facebook, YouTube, a list of websites, an arbitrary application and the USB ports, respectively.
Google Ad Blocker is a program that restricts advertisements from being displayed on screen.

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What’s New in the?

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#Prevent children from accessing inappropriate content on the Internet
Facebook Blocker and Instant YouTube Blocker
#Secure your computer
Windows USB Blocker, Simple Website Blocker, Smart Windows App Blocker, Google Ad Blocker

#Prevent unsafe websites and dangerous social networks from taking over your browser
Facebook Blocker, Instant YouTube Blocker, Simple Website Blocker, Smart Windows App Blocker, Google Ad Blocker

#Locate and delete unused files
A comprehensive program that helps you perform a variety of tasks, including locating and removing unused files. SysInfo Quick Cleaner can help you:
– Clear local Web cache
– Optimize database connections
– Find unused JRE versions
– Find and delete temporary files
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– Identify dead temporary files and junk folders
– Uninstall programs you don’t use and clean up your hard drive
– Delete temporary and unused Windows files
– Clean up and optimize your hard drive, and even more
– Repair registry errors
– Free up system resources
– Speed up system, disk and application launches
– Optimize network traffic and data
– Increase system performance

#Fix and fix problems
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– Various sound/sound card problems
– Keyboard issues
– Disk and hard drive issues
– Memory problems and errors
– Crashes and freezes
– System slowdown and slowness
– Free space and space management
– Error codes
– Various MS Office problems
– DLL files and registry errors
– Software development and installation problems
– Repair Internet Explorer
– Improve computer boot speed and performance
– Fix “Browser” problems
– Remove programs
– Uninstall Unwanted Applications
– Block Spyware/malware
– Protect your privacy
– Password recovery

#Control and monitor your PC
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– Stop and start programs and services
– Lock

System Requirements:

OS: Windows 7/Vista
Windows 7/Vista CPU: Intel Core 2 Duo E6550 2.66GHz or AMD Athlon 64 X2 5600+ 3.0GHz or better
Intel Core 2 Duo E6550 2.66GHz or AMD Athlon 64 X2 5600+ 3.0GHz or better Memory: 2GB
2GB Hard Disk: 10GB free space
10GB free space Video Card: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 260 / AMD Radeon HD 7870
NVIDIA GeForce GTX 260 / AMD Radeon HD 7870