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Django test fixture class with setup_method in __init__?

For some reason, Django's test fixtures aren't clearing their state between tests. E.g., if I run my test with multiple tests, one test will define an instance for a certain class, the next test in the suite will redefine the same instance. This isn't ideal, so I need a way to make my test setup classes (and thus, the test functions within those classes) instances of my class (e.g., the class that will be tested, not necessarily the TestCase class that I'm testing).
Therefore, I tried something like:
# test_init.py

class MyTestCase(TestCase):

def __init__(self):
self.some_variable = None

def test_something(self):
my_class = MyClass()
self.assertEqual(my_class.some_variable, None)

What I'm trying to accomplish here is to have my instances of MyTestCase be instances of MyClass. So, I'm using the instance of MyClass() to create an instance of my class, but the class MyTestCase isn't being set to this instance. The exception I get with the above code


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What are the uses of a refractometer?

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A refractometer can also be used to measure the solubility of a substance, or the lack of solubility. If the solution to be tested is turbid, an ordinary spectrophotometer can be used to measure the concentration of the solution. By using the refractometer to measure the solution's refractivity, the solution's solubility can be determined accurately.

A refractometer may also be used to determine the concentration of monatomic gases. Different concentration of a gas will have different refractivities.

What about computers?

Rather than purchase your own spectrophotometer and refractometer, some researchers choose to purchase used spectrophotometers and refractometers at extremely reasonable prices.

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