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The GamerUnner website is a great spot to download all kinds of games. They have sub-domains for different platforms, i.e. Android and iOS . So, for example, a game for iPhone might not be available in Android, but on GamerUnner you can still download it. You just need to be aware that in some cases, you will have to manually select the game you want to download from the list. However, GamerUnner is a great place if you're looking for a whole lot of games. The guys at GamerUnner don't just focus on Android, but also PC games as well as for other platforms.

If you're looking for a way to fix your hacked devices, you'll need to go to a site called Resetter. This site not only makes it easy to download tools and software that will restore your Android device to its initial state, but it also has an Android database where you can find out which device models are supported. For example, this site can help you figure out which devices are supported for the Nexus 10 and Nexus 7 , etc.

The File Dropper website is a powerhouse of Android applications and games. There are thousands of apps at your fingertips. What makes this site really different is that you don't need to have a premium account to download games and apps. With the File Dropper you can download apps and games for free.

The home page of Omegle.exe is pretty much the same as every other Omegle windows. Under Download you can find an x86 or x64 application, that lets you connect on Omegle and talk with random people. Their chat program lets you connect to random people on Omegle.exe while you just browse the site. Its free and fun. When you find someone who wants to talk, you can get their phone number.