Bragger's Run


Name Bragger's Run
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You are banished to a ruined land with only your items, runes and wits to guide you. Survive and you may find freedom... but you'll have to fight for it!
Bragger’s Run gives you the choice to play solo or with friends in online multiplayer. There will be multiple game modes, features, skins and weapons to unlock as you play. The game will feature three unique modes of gameplay, all with their own purpose.
- Survival: The classic run 'n' gun where you compete against the clock to score as many points as you can. The objective is simple: Keep on moving, avoid the enemies and as long as you don't get killed, you'll rack up points.
- Career: Players can choose to take on challenges in this mode. To be successful at these challenges will require you to be observant of your surroundings and your enemies as you collect diamonds.
- Flick Gun: In this mode, the aim is simple: Kill the most enemies in the shortest amount of time. Players need to be quick on their feet and take advantage of their characters' unique attack buttons in this mode.
Career mode unlocks additional features and armor that can be used while in Survival mode.
Bragger's Run features four playable characters with their own weapons and abilities. There are two weapons types: melee weapons and ranged weapons.
You are free to equip different sets of weapons and armor based on the different types of enemies you run across in the game. Weapons will not degrade when you use them.
- Melee: will be the default weapon type for the 4 hero's and will have a faster rate of fire and greater accuracy.
- Ranged: will be the default weapon type for the two boss monsters and have a slower rate of fire and less accuracy.
Combat takes place in a 2D isometric environment. Run and gun combat. It's action packed and has a big focus on player skill.
Boss encounters have four different variations and within each variation, there are two different outcomes.
There will be traps littered throughout the levels that will require dodging and staying alive.
Enemies will use a variety of attacks, some of which can have a knockback or stun effect if you are hit by a specific type of attack.
Activating abilities will not always provide you with an advantage; sometimes they will be detrimental.
Every attack has multiple stages during which an enemy will be slowed down before receiving damage.
Player movement is controlled by the WASD keys,


Bragger's Run Features Key:

  • Armament:
    • Hi-Power, Bezelled Tactical Assault Rifle (TAAOS)
    • Hi-Power Dual Alternating Clip (4,000 clips)
    • Hi-Power Dual Full Reload (reload all 9 clips at once)
    • High-capacity dual ammo pouch (30 bullets each)
  • Control:
    • Handle Zoomed with shortened hammerspring (better for repelling)
    • Double Coated
    • Maximum Impact Spikes on feet
    • Double Dice
  • Mobility:
    • Jump height is 5 feet
    • Fall speed is rapid, and never death falling
    • Can roll in terrain features


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    Bragger's Run Crack Free [Updated]

    The year is 2018, and the world has been taken over by monsters. Only those with the courage to become werewolves, emerge as a new species and fight back can hope to survive.
    In order to do so, a small band of players has formed, united by the desire to defeat an evil empire. But when one of your team is found slain, you know the Empire will stop at nothing to find you and the rest of your pack.
    Are you brave enough to make it out alive? Will you emerge victorious from your journey?
    - Create a powerful wolf
    - Fight through 6 randomly generated levels
    - Explore a haunted castle & cursed swamp
    - Battle a terrifying Boss
    - Learn powerful new spells and items
    - Unlock Runes & Gems
    - Brawl in Werewolf style
    - Boss Rush & Survival
    - Randomly Generate Levels
    - 4 Difficulty Modes for Random Levels
    - Chat Room
    - Boost System
    - Playable by Keyboard or Controller
    - Over 35 Weapons to find
    - 60 Different Enemies
    - 100+ Monsters
    - Choose to evolve as a Werewolf or Human
    - Play and Skill Up as You Level Up
    - Daily Challenge: Get 1+ Stars on each level
    - Daily Challenge: Get 3+ Stars on each level
    - Daily Challenge: Get 5+ Stars on each level
    - Daily Challenge: Get 10+ Stars on each level
    - Daily Challenge: Get 100 Stars on each level
    - Daily Challenge: Get a Gold Medal on each level
    - Daily Challenge: Get a Diamond Medal on each level
    - Daily Challenge: Get a Platinum Medal on each level
    - Daily Challenge: Get a Master Medal on each level
    - Daily Challenge: Get 10 Stars with no deaths!
    - 50+ Achievements
    - Item Shop: Upgrade your gear for more power
    - Multiplayer: You can play in local single player and local multiplayer (you can choose who can play)
    - Unlockable characters & items
    - Minigames (time attack, item skips and more!)
    - Defeat creatures from other games!
    - Community Contests (Hunt the Creatures!)
    - Custom Games (Face the Boss without the risk of death!)
    - Cut scenes & Sound

    User reviews of Bragger's Run

    A Unique Game Where the PC Is the Only Platform

    by funnyv1_a_n_d_n_z_

    This is a great game with great replay value.You will love this game.You play


    Bragger's Run With Product Key For PC [Latest] 2022

    Brag on the CommunityTumbler A thread for you to advertise the game in.

    Bragger's Run will be leaving early access on August 8th, 2018.The development team at MumboJumbo have been busy and are almost ready for release.Here is a short list of what's been added:Polish: You'll find your characters now have 5 different weight classes to reflect their actual class. Most bosses will be much more dangerous for the heavier classes.Quests: You can now choose what actions you want done when approaching an encounter, as well as who you want to show up as when you talk to them.Runes: Can now be found all over the place, putting an emphasis on finding, as well as buying and creating them.Tower Balance: All of the towers now have their own separate pool of power. If an encounter falls into your enemies tower, they can now damage you before being destroyed themselves. This effect now stacks!Higher Item Drops: An increase in the amount of items found with most drops.Stacking Resistance: Enemies will now have reduced resistance to debuffs as a direct result of many encounters getting tougher. When receiving debuffs, you are no longer subject to them.

    Brag on the CommunityTumbler A thread for you to advertise the game in.

    Strider will be leaving Early Access on August 8th, 2018.

    Update: We've changed the target platforms as of a few hours ago.

    Strider has finally come to a destination that everyone can enjoy, with a gameplay overhaul and a game full of features.

    Old spells and powers are being phased out and replaced with a mechanic that allows characters to use new spells and powers as they are created. Experience, with a timer that allows players to level up, has been added to help characters and their quest progress. Strider is introducing a brand new region to explore, as well as enemies that are very different from the main game. The final release will feature a campaign mode that allows players to go through the map of the world and experience different story lines.

    What was added during early access?

    Story: The story for Strider is coming to completion and will be much more fluid and personal than in the past.Strider will be receiving a series of 3 new enemies, all at various points throughout the journey.Boss Enemy: A boss battle that will go much further than you may expect from a normal boss. This enemy will become stronger as the


    What's new in Bragger's Run:


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    How To Crack:

    • This test is made to work with UFT8.
    • Both old and new game works with this trainer.
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    System Requirements:

    •Windows 7/8/8.1/10 (32 bit or 64 bit)
    •Minimum System requirements for Windows 7/8/8.1/10:
    •PC RAM 3.5GB (Windows 7) or 2GB (Windows 8/8.1/10)
    •Processor 2.0Ghz or faster Dual-Core or better
    •Dual-Core Intel Core 2 Duo or better
    •Hard Drive Install Space 50GB (Windows 7) or 20GB (Windows 8/8.1/10)


    Name Bragger's Run
    Publisher Administrator
    Format File
    Rating 4.62 / 5 ( 714 votes )
    Update (6 days ago)


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