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Have a break, have a break. How Do You Crack a Restraint Index? - Railroad Construction News

Have a break, have a break. How Do You Crack a Restraint Index? - Railroad Construction News

How do you crack a restraint index? Actually, cracking it is a simple as knowing how to do it. The restraint index number given to a railroad is a way of saying how well a railroad is doing, according to the Restraint Indexing System. The system is also a method that is used on other types of construction and is used to make a comparison of how buildings, bridges, or other structures are performing as projects are completed.
A restraint index is a three number combination. The first number is the restraint index value and is a fixed number that is calculated when the structure is put in service. The second number is a percentage that is given to the restraint index value and that percentage is given based on the actual construction of the project. The third number tells you if the number of restraints that are used has a negative or positive impact on the restraint index value. The restraint index number is a number in the thousands, and the percentage is also a number.
For example, when a restraint index of 1,000 is assigned to a project, that means that the project is performing at a level of 1,000. In this case, the second number is given a percentage value of 100. If the project is actually performing at an 85 restraint index rating, then the second number has a value of 85/100=85 percent. The third number is where the percentages might add up differently. If the third number is a negative, or -5, that would mean that there are more restraints than necessary on the project and it will actually lower the restraint index number on the project. That means that the project would be performing at a lower value.
Restraint Index Types
The restraining that has the most effect on a restraint index is a maximum strength restraint. The maximum strength restraint is used to restrain the project from possible damage that could occur from within the project. The second most restraining that can be used is a soft restraint. The soft restraint is used to restrain the project from damage from equipment that is not accounted for in the design of the project. The third most restraining aspect is a primary restraint. The primary restraint is a restraining method that tries to restrain the project from an outside force. Such a force could be a tornado, a hurricane, or many other forces that will try to disrupt the project


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Enterprise Capacity Accumulation is the practice of implementing an aggressive growth strategy that will enable a business to increase its size and scale over a period of time. It occurs in two stages: first, when a company grows its size rapidly and, second, when it grows its size at a slower pace. The former is known as "building scale" and the latter is known as "stabilizing size".

The "building scale" stage takes the form of reengineering or repositioning for growth. This may be to create a new business with new products and services, or to increase the geographic reach of existing products and services. It also may result in the launch of an entirely new product or service line.

The "stabilizing size" stage is a period of consolidation, which may include purchase or acquisition of complementary businesses, divestitures or other capital-light business activities.

Development of the concept
In the book Reengineering to Innovate, Erin Ryan and Josh Bernoff use the phrase enterprise capacity accumulation (emphasis added) to describe