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VIRTUAL REALITY RULES! DAVE MORRIS, the man behind the original Fabled Lands books, and JAMIE THOMSON, the talented illustrator, have teamed up again to produce this Virtual Reality adventure game. You can now see the world from a different perspective! Watch as the hero moves from a fully-realised 3D world to the game world. Gaze around a labyrinth as your hero moves through it. Leap in the air as you enter a magic portal and climb into a great mountain. Make your own decisions in a world as a huge interactive 3D map!

Издательство «Издательство Universal» S.R.O,
7/33 Elizavetinskaya St.,
Moscow 100190, Russia

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Universal M45

5 yds




Издательство Михайловский «Агрегат»,
11 Kalininskaya St.,
Moscow 103432, Russia




Люкс тип (21 французских це


Features Key:

  • A New Country with different Lore. Play that fits your own needs.
  • A complex and engaging regional story. Manipulate the land by changing the terrain, add towns and settlements.
  • A dynamic travel system including skyrides and lindriums. Try to fly or switch to a new area with only one jump.
  • A fast-paced Attack and Defense System, use your own same spells as the enemy.
  • Several game modes. DeFiend and Conquest.
  • New sprite size and a new theme.
  • All walls are optional.
  • All monsters make good pawns.
  • A simple enough control to allow newcomers to play.
  • No time limit. Both neutral nations and the monster country speed up their actions.
  • No dead tiles or lost buildings. You start a game with all of them.
  • One free editor to change the map and tiles. No strings attached.
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