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Meanders is a fantasy setting and campaign setting; a free and interactive map system for Fantasy Grounds that provides a vast open world at the fingertips of adventure! Enliven your story and inspire more roleplay with Meanders.
Meanders is a turn-based RPG / adventure game with a strong focus on wilderness exploration, treasure hunting, and a multitude of unique monster encounters. Adventurers are empowered to call forth the elements, harness the elements, and interact with their surroundings using powerful character feats. You are an elemental master, capable of summoning the power of natural phenomena to your side!
The game's beautifully illustrated maps feature a clear color palette, dynamic lighting, and the unmistakable detail that is Meanders' trademark. Turn-based combat gives elementalists the chance to play defensively or offensively in a variety of supported rulesets. Adventurers can also engage the powerful monsters that lie in wait for them in Meanders, where you find the first of many exciting quest lines to discover!
Meanders is a fantasy setting, but can be easily adapted for use in any genre, science fiction, horror, comedy, or any other setting. Many aspects of Meanders are easy to expand with additional content to suit your own ideas and playstyle.
Meanders is a free game but you will need the Meander system rules in order to play. You can download them by clicking the Meander link in the description. A subscription to Fantasy Grounds is required to play the Meander system (subscription is free).
If you would like to modify or enrich Meander further, have something new to add, or other suggestions for improvements, please drop me a line at We are always eager to hear from our players and fans!
Thanks for checking out Meanders!
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Fantasy Grounds - Meanders Map Pack: Venmire Woods (Map Pack) Features Key:

  • Map Pack - 26 existing maps and 6 new maps with online play. All maps available online and ready to enjoy!
  • New Forest, Waterfall, Arboreal, Clay, and Freeze effects.
  • Woodsy, Magical, Dark, Funny, and Zombies themes.
  • Industrial, Military, Jungle, Highway, and Meanders effects.
  • Spruce, Mesquite, Ash, Birch, and Cypress plants. (Part of my Plants Mod)
  • 3-headed and 2-headed measles viruses. (Due to the low resources and obsolete File tags required to render the additional viruses, I only released these two).
  • Printable maps for your use in a variety of games
  • Save map data to and import individual roads, tiles, and viruses into your own FG files
  • ´Travelling through the Venmire Woods´

    Forest Campaign Map

    Content of this Map Pack:

    • 1 Forest Campaign Map
    • 2 Forest Campaign Maps: Skins (Gray / Dark Green / Blue / 2 greens) Plans (10$)
    • 3 Forest Campaign Maps: Plans, Sun, Sky, and Ground effects (10$)
    • 1 City Campaign Map
    • 2 City Campaign Maps: Powers, Sky / Solar, and 1x1 Sun Decorations (5$ each)
    • 3 Forest & City Campaign Maps: Skins (Green / Blue / 3 Greens), Plans and Decorations, Trees, and Wood Creatures (Giant Bushes / Trees)
    • 3 Forest Campaign Maps: Away / Return Trip (5$ each)
    • 16 Meander Maps: Forest, Waterfall, Boreal, Clay, and Freeze effects (12$ each)
    • 1 Haunted Map
    • Fantasy Grounds - Meanders Map Pack: Venmire Woods (Map Pack) Crack + With Registration Code Download

      Meanders Maps is an exciting new product from Fantasy Grounds that allows users to create their own sprawling wilderness maps for use with their Role-playing Games. Meanders map packs are highly detailed and feature varied adventure maps, with a growing collection of adventure map
      packs to choose from. Featuring a simple to use 'time-lapse' based build feature, Meanders allows you to easily scale your maps up or down for every adventure.
      Meanders Map Packs use the Meander Map system which is an elegant low-tech solution to create sprawling wilderness maps without the use of squares, tiles or grids.
      The Meanders Map system creates a series of interconnected paths between two points and uses tiles and scenery to create new map-terrain combinations.
      By combining different Meander Map tiles you can create unique environments for your adventurers to explore. Use any tile you like and it will automatically build off itself from the starting point you choose. For an optimum game experience, we recommend a minimum of two Meander Map packs - if you have many maps, you may create more than you actually need at one time and they will be automatically cleared when you next restart.
      Meanders Map Packs are a low-tech solution to create sprawling wilderness maps but are highly detailed for both your tabletop and graphical worlds. Meanders Maps are designed to work seamlessly with other terrain types and environments such as foliage sets, biomes, dungeons and towns - making them suitable for any game style.
      Each Meanders Map pack contains between five and eight individual landscape maps that are presented as an easy-to-browse collection where the.meander file of each map can be taken to a folder in your user directory.
      About Meanders Map Packs Meanders Maps are free content and are created and supplied by Fantasy Grounds.
      Each Map pack contains a range of forest and adventure maps that can be placed on any Meander Map grid your needs.
      The Meander Maps come in the following formats:
      'Forest' (single-point locations)
      'Adventure' (multi-point locations)
      'Blender' (special blending landscape effects).
      You can choose any map that suits your game style - and then scale them up or down easily with the Time-lapse building feature. You can even use different Meander Maps to create environments to use with different Biomes and settings to explore.
      Creating your own Meander Maps is easy - just load it up in the map pack grid and select any map and two points and you are all set to


      Fantasy Grounds - Meanders Map Pack: Venmire Woods (Map Pack) Free [Latest 2022]

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      What's new in Fantasy Grounds - Meanders Map Pack: Venmire Woods (Map Pack):

        by Matthew Ashley

        "A Shaggoth is a hornets nest of twisted, impenetrable mental constructs. They flit around, pulling the plot threads together in their frenzied mass, and stinging you with a snotty-saliva spray of purple moral justifications and half-formed mantras, illuminating newer and newer ways to tell you that what you’ve done is wrong, wrong, wrong. A Shaggoth is disgusting. They’re a direct threat to the order of the universe, and their survival should be our number-one concern. As it should be to every rational human being."

        Lovka Rundak is a farmer of Fell-marked Duke's Keep in the Venmire Woods, a small but mighty in the fields of Arborea. Despite the surrounding forests of Elsir Vale, Lovka operates a traveling trap-selling business, and has outposts in Arranis and Tiraan. It is a hard life, an ambitious man, and as a farmer he has fallen in love: With Elisabeth, a family-driven but fiery sabrecat with a past as a chemist, a shaggoth-caterpillar of a daughter, and a son far too wise for his years. The brood hoveth a third summons from the Second City, but despite Lovka's efforts to keep both his daughter and his lover happy, one stormy October night a tigerish beast in white hatrisks the house, hunting them.

        The Shaggoth Meanders is a map pack that adds over a hundred brand-new monsters and background details to the Golarion campaign setting. The product suite includes three fold-out sheets of art detailing encounters with the new enemies, a 6" edition d10 mechanic which doubles as the map pack's DC, and a primer on the mythos of the Shaggoth, the monster-hosts of the Meanders. Players can use these to make their PC customers buy more traps, or just hunt crappies on the Fenhar offer.

        The Meanders is a paid product that includes a download and full color printed map pack. For convenience, you may purchase and download the map pack separately at

        The Meanders adds over one hundred new monsters to fantasy adventures for Golarion.

        Second City

        Venmire Woods

        Lovka Rund


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      System Requirements:

      OS: Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8 (Windows 10 64-bit recommended)
      Processor: 1.8 GHz or faster
      Memory: 1 GB RAM
      Graphics: DirectX 9.0-compatible graphics card with Shader Model 2.0 or higher
      Hard Drive: 30 MB available space
      Sound: DirectX 9.0-compatible sound card
      Internet: Broadband Internet connection
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