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We have analyzed some of the best websites where you can download cracked games for free. I have chosen them in such a way that they are more specific to a single category of games and not the great website where you can download free games for all over the world. There are a lot of sites where you can download games for free, but I chose these sites with a specific category of games in mind.

After downloading and installing the game from the site, you will probably need to install the game, start the installation, select Install, or select Run in your case.

After the installation, you will need a game data file, and some of the sites have some easy to understand steps that will help you to download the game data file. Some games will require you to purchase them first, and then download them from a store, the sites I’m listing today have all free game data files, you can download the game data file from their instructions which are also found on the website.

All the games listed are Windows games only, so if you want to download games for a specific other OS, then you would need a 3rd party site that covers that, and that is something I have done for you by listing the best sites that cover all other OS.

Overall, I must say that they are just the best, and the only reason why I didn’t give them the first place is that you cannot play the games on them, because of DRM, but they are still included because its for complete games that are for sale on the site.

So, to make it a little bit easier for you, as you all know the best way to download a cracked or a full version game, is to visit the site, the steps are pretty simple, but we will just quickly run through them.