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For the Night Crack is an espionage thriller story about one woman and the cold war.
The game takes place entirely within the first-person perspective of a STASI agent during one night in Stockholm.
The player will be sent on a mission to find out what happened to a missing friend.
In order to do this, the player will have to take note of words and look for hidden messages everywhere they go.
We hope you enjoy this tense story, and will play the game over and over again.
Please buy the game to support the game studio, and get additional updates.
- - -
- This game is powered by Unity.
- The game has art assets created by Johannes Ihren.
- You can get the soundtrack on iTunes.
- You can get the game on
- You can get a demo of the game in this 2014 STASI agent yearbook: stasi.geek
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- Visit the website:

- Email:
- Steam:

Please look me up.
- - -
- Hope you enjoy the game. Thank you for supporting us.
Pusselbit Games
Erik Blåsjö
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published on 6.09.2015 - updated on 22.06.2018

this project is currently 100% complete.
- - -
This project is currently 100% complete.
I would like to say a big "Thank You" to all that played, liked and supported the game.
Hope you will enjoy the end product as much as I enjoyed writing the script.
- - -
This game will always be FREE for anyone to download on

published on 7.11.2018

One more thing, please donate via this link to support the project, it is a one-time donation.

published on 10.11.2018

Stupid STASI agent, letting him and his mission slip on me?

published on 11.03.2019

Hey, I'm releasing my game, how can I let you know?

published on 22.03.2019


For The Night Features Key:

  • 3D high quality graphics with all the artistic touch to guarantee a Real Experience.

    • Never before available on mobile. High definition graphics and dazzling effects for your enjoyment.
    • Spark of the Modern Age Action
  • Objective:

    Do you have what it takes to deliver the final blow and redeem your domain and the people you care for in the face of insurmountable opposition, debt and famine? Lead your team to freedom, achieving their dreams while punishing their enemies in order to retain your inheritance as the game ends.

    Gameplay and Mechanics:

    • Realistic gameplay: a swift turn of the touch (tap) can be the difference between victory and defeat. A game that takes natural and intuitive actions for modern people.
    • Over 10 trillion possibilities: use your riskiest strategy but abide by laws as simple as Avoid Brother and Double Distribute in order to proceed to winning or even an excellent score.

      • Manual money management: buy bills from Web Auction that will be converted to cash on daily basis.
      • Powerful strategic elements: Brute Force in order to build strength and play like a Warrior.
      • Devious enemies and environments: use your bold style when fighting against the elite and greedy of your opponents in an impenetrable city.
      • Population management: the game has multi-players vs. AI players that will also watch you and cheer you on in real time as you win or lose.
      • Multiple purposes for the people: use objects for multiple purposes within your domain and watch the patriots flourish and grow.
      • Avant-garde graphics and animations: the game looks more like an IOS game for high-quality visuals and animations that will delight your senses.

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        “The Cold War was a very interesting time in history, when people didn't talk about it much, but they actually lived it. For the Night picks up where the Cold War left off: in Stockholm. An era of tension and fear was replaced with solidarity and cooperation, where people actually came together and worked together.
        We picked this period for a specific reason: like an old spy movie, where you meet an old friend and some who aren't friends, by chance you discover that they are all part of a bigger conspiracy, and now you have to figure it all out -
        with only a night's shift to find out the truth.”
        ”Like an old spy movie. ” - Don’t you think For the Night remind of an old James Bond or a Connery movie?
        ”You meet an old friend, some who aren't friends” - Exactly!
        Old friends.
        James Bond and Connery is definitely an important influence on this game.
        The thought of this game being similar to or inspired by games like
        “The Longest Journey” or “The Dishonourable Campaign”, is really exciting for us. It’s a game that fits perfectly into the niche they do.
        We know these games, we've played them, and really liked them.
        We really do like spy thrillers, so that's why we liked to build our own.
        We haven't seen another game like that.
        “A Cold War story.” - Exactly! That's what you find in For the Night.
        ”There's a job for you. I need you to go to Stockholm.” - A Cold War story.
        A game about a spy case set in a hotel in Stockholm, which is a bit far away from
        realist, classic spy movies like "The Spy Who Loved Me" or "For Your Eyes Only".
        But it also has lot of similarities to things like "the Dishonourable Campaign",
        or "The Longest Journey".
        Of course.
        For the Night still has it's own style.
        We have a high focus on storytelling and narrative elements,
        but the game is still a point-and-click game with some puzzles.
        - The art is also very stylised and cinematic, we have a lot of love for movie and theatre scenes


        For The Night Crack Free [Mac/Win] (2022)

        Viktor Vetter: The problem with some people is that they can't recognize an excellent programmer when they see one.Other than that, I have nothing to say at the moment. People shouldn't listen to me. Just like I'm not responsible for the stupid comments that people on the internet make about videogames. If you're gonna play, play at your own risk.I've spent most of my free time during the last 6 months on this game, and I'm very proud to release this demo. However, I'm actually not finished yet. But I will for sure before the game comes out. It's just a matter of "when" instead of "if". But I don't think I will have something finished by October 1st.That's the plan. If it doesn't work out, then I'll just release the source code. But I really want to release this in time for Halloween. Most important: not like, some time next year or something.After that, I'll play around a little more. I don't have any other plans. Why not make another interesting game? But I won't make any promises. I don't really want to, because I like it when I'm surprised by something unexpected.And I guess I'll finish the game before the end of the year. I have been working on it off and on for a very long time now. But when I have nothing else to do, it's not such a bad time to work on the game.I also have to thank Joakim Brisinger for writing this awesome piece of music. And of course everyone who have played the game in the last weeks. If you haven't, then maybe now you'll actually like this game.And I'd like to thank everyone who have asked me about the game and the game's development. It's really nice to see that a game I made is getting attention. That means a lot to me. I didn't really expect that.But if you haven't played the game yet, then you are actually missing something special. If you've played it and like it, then I'm extremely grateful. I'm actually very happy that people actually liked it. That's why I'm even willing to answer so many questions about the game. So please don't ask me questions about how the game will be finished. I don't have any answer for that yet. I will maybe have a lot of answers after the game comes out. Because it's not like I'm making this game


        What's new:

          of Legends is an all ages RPG currently taking place in a medieval castle. Players run their chosen adventurer through a series of challenges set by the night master, all to be rewarded if they can return at the dawn of the next day with a fresh set of scrolls to unlock the secrets of the Ancients.
          There is currently no official theme but just about anything goes. Heroes, Villains, Places, Monsters, Magic, Mashups, all are welcome. Just keep it medieval and also remember folk tales of course.


          We are currently planning to run two scenarios per month over the year.
          There is typically a mini tournament played amongst the players at the start of the month, usually with a tag team set to avoid collusion.
          There is also a pre-fixed list, the mentor's world list that runs from Jan. through to the end of October. Players are welcome to play on a variety of resources and levels; they are all welcome to participate.

          this week, as usual, is the week we do the initial planning of the month ahead.

          Sunday 23rd March 2017 - January

          A welcome (slightly reviwed) post is now in place on the thread of which will reveal the 'character creation' for the month.

          Tuesday 25th of March 2017 - February/March

          It is the mid-month reporting point. This has always been a busy month with the Pyramid of Doom, and the website link which hosts the score and entry list.

          Friday 27th March 2017 - March

          February's and March's end reporting days are also the end-month reporting days

          Sunday 6th April 2017 - April

          It's May, and since we plan to call it 'May *' this month, make sure you preorder a copy, and maybe get a paper scroll to read the next month also.

          Our May spin-off is a new story-wise adventure that should take place in May. It is based on a story by the retired head of the league Kariel, who recently published some of his unpublished adventures... This adventure incorporates some of the ideas Kariel has published in the blog but is set during only part of the month (ie. in May) so I can do a better job of hitting some of the finer details.

          There is the usual'real' game that takes place from saturday to saturday.

          Monday 13th May 2017 - EPILOGUE


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        System Requirements:

        OS: Windows XP / Vista / 7 / 8 / 8.1 / 10 (32 or 64 bit)
        CPU: 2 GHz
        Memory: 1 GB RAM
        Disk Space: 3 GB
        GPU: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 660 or ATI Radeon HD7850
        DirectX: Version 11
        Network: Broadband Internet connection
        Sound: DirectX compatible sound card with minimum 32-bit stereo sound support
        Additional Notes:
        OS: Windows 10 (64 bit)
        CPU: Intel


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