!NEW! Free Download Of English Books La Estupenda Guia ⭐

!NEW! Free Download Of English Books La Estupenda Guia ⭐


Free Download Of English Books La Estupenda Guia

This is a book which has been written and published not in France, but in Spain, and
has been translated into English. It is a sort of autobiography, by the way, of this
famous author and dancer, who is a most prodigal lover of himself, and this book would
be a good indication of the degree of our civilization when it is unable even to give
its own secrets to the wiser than it the authors of these ours.

This book is astonishing in so many places, I shall only mention the following (although
also probably the most interesting):

From page 5 of this book:

"My mother had been completely dominated by her father, and the fact that she was a very
insignificant figure in her own right had not been recognized by her children,
much less by herself, for she used to feel that she was only first among equals,
subject to the terms imposed by her husband, to whom she was merely a small cog in a big
wheel. Indeed, she was not even a free woman, she never got her identity back, not even
once in all her life. She was forced to work all day as the housewife, cook, mother and
sister, while serving with humility, as a second hand and a product of a male-female

In addition to this, she was often brutally neglected by her husband, not so much in
his absence but in his anger. I suspect that he was totally dominated by his father,
who taught him a great deal about the management of human beings, and about the
impossibility of living for himself, or as an individual. He left his children and his wife
in a hole, almost like in a mine, where you can only live if you are willing to see
yourself as part of a collective, and to behave as if this collective were the only thing
that exists.

I have always been amazed by the degree of mental illness exhibited by most people
in this world. Very often, I feel so disgusted by what this world has become that I
would like to kill myself, but I don't know what I could possibly do about it. It is so
easily wrong, I don't understand how things have come to such a sorry state. But as a
human being, a feeling of hopelessness and cynicism is what drives me to keep trying.
This is the height of optimism when one is surrounded by people