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The first website that we will talk about is definitely illegal due to the risks associated with them. Also known as warez sites, many people have found themselves stuck on this website on their search for free software. They are not endorsed by the creators or distributors of software and can be very dangerous if not used properly. These sites are specifically designed to help pirates share and crack content.

The second website that we will mention is also somewhat of a search engine for cracks. However, instead of searching for cracked programs in Google, it is a search engine for cracks. These sites crack a wide variety of software, but have been hit with lawsuits due to the violation of copyright and distributing malware. The popularity and size of the site is pretty large as well.

The website starts out with a legitimate looking browser where a user can search for software that he or she wants to download. However, this is where the website goes bad. Most of the content that the user then sees is really illegal. Most likely not all the content on the page that shows up is cracked and some of the content is just links to other websites with illegal content.

The websites that you might be tempted to search are of two types. The first type is a site that shows banners and offers downloads for a large number of software. The second type is a legit website that has its legitimate purpose mixed with cracked content. These websites could either be someone with malware that is trying to steal your information or it could be an adware program trying to get you to download it. Regardless, this kind of website is almost never legitimate.