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* Create your own game in minutes.
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* Create games in only 2 easy steps. Click "Make a game" to start.
* Use the pre-made game templates or start with a blank canvas to build your game.
* Use your imaginations to create anything you can think of, whether it's a hidden object game, a MMORPG, an action game, or a racing game.
* Create multiplayer games that your friends can play right now.

* Two players can play in one room at the same time.
* Shoot for the stars and make it to the top.
* Create fun experiences and earn cool rewards like virtual and in-game currency.
* Earn virtual currency by inviting your friends to Roblox.

* Invite your friends to Roblox and play together in one fun Roblox room.
* Invite your friends to your game and play together online right now.
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* Experience first-person game, MMORPG, adventure game, racing game, and puzzle game gameplay in one game.
* Try something new from popular genres like hidden object, survival game, and racing game.
* Easy game creation and game play. Drag-and-drop your blocks to build and place them anywhere in the game.
* Free and no downloads. No pop-ups, no paid to play, no ads.
* Play free or spend your real money on virtual currency to power up and unlock new features.

* A range of game genres and genres are available.
* Use the built-in tools to create fun games.
* Create hidden object games and puzzle games.
* Play racing games and action games.
* Roblox has over more than 100 amazing game templates and game genre that you can choose from.

* Access the Console and HTML5 tools.
* Create games for Android and iOS.
* The "Tutorial" option is provided to help players understand what the game tutorial is and how to play.
* Tutorials are optional.

* Roblox has more than 8,000,000,000 games and activities.
* Reach millions of users around the world.
* Other awesome


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Maybe paying with money is easier than spending all your time searching for free robux?
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Check for helpful generators
Check what works and what doesn’t when it comes to Robux.
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Every month, I release a quick video on the main platforms that you can play Roblox games for free robux.
What are free robux generators?
Some of them are very secure and only let you access them with your account details.
Others will allow you robux for free at any time, but I suggest checking your email first.
Some of them were never meant to be free robux generators.
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How can you get free robux on other platforms?

Roblox free robux generator, is an alternative method to get free robux in the games you love.
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Give you total access and control on your Roblox account, Not only that you can buy Robux, Shiny Robux, Rare Robux and many more. This is a hack version for ROBLOX powered by AGORA.

Update: You can now use menu button on keyboard! Let me know if you like the original mod or not.

Update 2: Fixed the very glitch which was causing crashing. (Not all The new rules are: updated, ENHANCED MODE enabled (Default can be turned on in menu if you do not want this. I will update the link in the next update. ) )

Update 3 : FEATURES FIXED. Some OPTIONS such as "Display HUD" and "Replace text and clickable object" has been fixed.

Some bugs have also been fixed.

Original Mod :

What's New :

-- All the features of the original MOD plus added the new things.


Updated the difrent rules and you can turn these OFF (Ignore the new added rules).

Updated the GUI, GUI is awesome.

Added the HOME button for the HOME Screen for faster Access to your account.

Added the new gameplay for playing with your friends and also to NOT HAVE players fight against each other.

If you want to find rules you can go to Setting of Roblox account(If you don't have Setting created you can go to Advanced Setting of ROBLOX on Google Chrome or any browser) and find the rule which you wish to know.

Why this mod is not for sale?

This mod is for ROBLOX. If you want to be paid for it then go to this website.


How to add this mod to your project :

Install Astro APK on your android device and create a new project in ROBLOX.

** The MOD is specially designed for the latest ROBLOX Client which is:


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