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George Bernard Shaw The Genuine Islam PDF 🔴

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George Bernard Shaw The Genuine Islam PDF

the moslem religion is the only religion that has lifted man out of the ruck of human degeneracy and degradation and raised him to a height unknown to him before. the christian religion is not a solution of the problem. that which is solution of the problem is muhammadanism or islam, whereas the mere fact of preaching the love of god and preaching the utter contempt for wealth, honor and pleasures – for the creed of the christian is an insult to the intellect, and a crime against humanity – the world could not have existed as long as it did before the advent of islam, and if the world goes on existing as long as it did before the advent of islam, it will cease to exist just because it has not assimilated the creed of islam, which is the only creed that has created man from the beast, and which is the only creed that can save mankind from the present awful doom to which it is drifting down. the world will perish when man becomes only a rag that heaves and jostles upon a billow, without human kindness, love of god and of his fellow-man. that only can save it and it is that only which the moslem religion teaches the world to-day.

a very large audience was present and the proceedings were very successful. so pleased were we with the manner in which the case had been put before us by mr. birkbeck hill and his colleagues that we decided to follow our principle and publish a second lecture to expound the problems of islam which mr. hill had so clearly and dramatically and so openly dealt with, and which, by a happy coincidence, offered the most effective antidote to the sneer and the impertinent suggestion of the bishop of london. we wanted to understand, and we wanted to tell in plain english not only why islam, but why there is any need for islam at all. no one would have given us the opportunity of doing so on such a platform, had it not been for the wonderful encouragement mr. birkbeck hill had put into our hearts. he is one of the most cultured men i have ever met and he is a very dear friend of mine.

shaw once noted that when the nazis first came to power, the americans felt "the whole future of the world was involved," but then, "when hitler's name began to be more and more widely known, the situation changed. the moral authority of america went down with astonishing rapidity. the moral authority of christianity went down with amazing speed; the moral authority of islam swelled at an astonishing rate. i'd give ten dollars for the moral authority of the nazis to-day," shaw wrote. "it's an appalling situation that this has happened, and makes me quite anxious about the future."
bizarrely, the one two thirds film now exists only in the most heavily censored forms. one only has to look at the full form of the film on youtube to see that a number of extended scenes which were supposed to be in the film have been completely removed. the following three shots are all gone:
mahometanism. mahometanism is the belief in one almighty allah in whom there is no room for the fatherhood of god and the brotherhood of man, the belief that the knowledge of one's lord may be attained through the book, the belief in the infallibility of that book, and the belief that the promise of the one you hope to attain is more certainly that of the other. the koran is not infallible but the person who wrote it is. that is the most disgusting thing in the world. - michael simos
those who believe that their way is the one true way and any other version of their version of 'christianity' is simply a version of the original version of their version of christianisim. there is no other version of it to be had. - michael simos